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Northeastern planning outdoor commencement this spring - and may have a separate gathering for last year's graduates

No more virtual nonsense, Northeastern says: It's going to let its seniors graduate outdoors, even if that means holding two commencement ceremonies to safely handle them all. The school is also looking at possibly holding a separate outdoor celebration for people who had to graduate virtually in 2020.

In an open letter, a school vice president writes:

Our current plan is for all undergraduate students in the Class of 2021 (December 2020 graduates, May and August 2021 degree candidates) to celebrate commencement at a premiere, outdoor Boston venue on Saturday, May 8th. Based on a set of pandemic projections provided by our faculty experts, and anticipated capacity restrictions, our plan envisions two outdoor ceremonies designed to accommodate all eligible undergraduates (half in each ceremony) and allow each graduating senior to invite one or possibly two guests. We understand the important role family plays in commencement, and we will make every effort to include as many guests as possible for each graduate.

The school is looking at a separate ceremony for graduate students - and at another ceremony for 2020 graduates, although it does not yet have a specific place in mind for last year's grads:

We are extremely cognizant of the fact that our May 2020 graduates did not have a true Northeastern commencement ceremony last spring. Our Alumni Relations office continues to work with members of the Class of 2020 to determine interest in a Boston-based celebration this spring - perhaps on Friday, May 7th. We believe that graduates of the Class of 2020 should work collaboratively with us to envision, shape, and help execute a celebration that honors their achievements and acknowledges their place in the heart of the Northeastern family.


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As long as there is beer, they will be fine.

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One more super spreader before you go.

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The Northeastern students in my neighborhood are already having constant maskless parties.

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For no reason at all, I'll post this here:

The following gatherings are not allowed, either off-campus or on campus:

Gatherings where people are not wearing face masks or face coverings, both outdoors and indoors
Gatherings where people cannot or do not maintain six feet distance, both outdoors and indoors
Gatherings that do not follow Massachusetts guidelines. Massachusetts prohibits any gathering (outdoors or indoors) where six feet of distance isn’t maintained.

You may report observed or planned unsafe gatherings by calling 617.373.TIPS or emailing [email protected]


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Our neighborhood listserv and group texts have been a-buzzing with this very information.

It doesn't seem effective though. Some folks have been reporting addresses every time there's a gathering, and the gatherings continue.

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by NU is to call the Boston Police since "off campus" is not NUPD's area. Then email
[email protected] - he's the Liasion. If he has a record of a 911 call he can then use that to talk to the students.

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but I'm not enthused about the idea of inviting a bunch of people who've left the city or state back here for any events. Why not wait until this is well and truly behind this before doing any "makeup" ceremonies?

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Aren't they always outside?

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No. They have been held at the TD Garden and it's predecessor since 1953.

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What's disgusting is that there are too many spoiled brats who don't give a shit about other people, and want to live "their own lives" at the expense of other people during this pandemic. I'm sick of people saying that they should not be punished just for being young. Sure, they're young, but they're old enough to know better, and to know enough to follow rules that are implemented for their own protection, as well as that of others.

Dammit--these college students are old enough to vote, be drafted to serve in our military, marry, buy a house, sign a contract and receive medical treatment without parental consent, to be tried for and charged with whatever they're arrested for in an adult court of law, and to serve an adult term in an adult jail, rather then a juvenile home. Moreover, they're old enough to suffer consequences of violating rules for mask wearing and social distancing, and rules against having large gatherings of people, either indoors, or outdoors.

They should also realize that people can be infected with Covid-19 and still spread this disease, even though they're asymptomatic (i. e. having no symptoms), and if they go home and visit family and friends, or go shopping or whatever, end up infecting other people.

The idea that compassion should be shown towards these scofflaws who're old enough to know better is pure bullshit, because, due to people like these scofflaws, the Covid-19 pandemic is running rampant and out of control here in the United States.

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