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Election roundup: BPS teacher makes bid in Campbell's council district

Joel Richards

Joel Richards, currently a teacher at the Blackstone Elementary School in the South End, has announced he's running for the District 4 (Dorchester, Mattapan, Roslindale) seat that Andrea Campbell is giving up to run for mayor.

Richards lists his top issues as equity in education, housing for all and supporting small businesses.

Another BPS teacher is also thinking of running for the seat: Trevour Smith, a math teacher at Boston Latin School.

Over in District 7 (Roxbury, South End), Angelina Camacho, who ran in 2017, is running again for the seat Kim Janey won that year. Janey, currently council president, will become mayor once Marty Walsh goes to Washington; she has yet to say if she will try to become a more permanent mayor or run for reelection to her council seat.

Kelly Bates of Hyde Park, president of the Interaction Institute for Social Change has filed with the state to run for one of the four open at-large seats on the City Council but says she's yet to make a final decision.

Michelle Wu has thoughts about Western Massachusetts.


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For voters with school aged children.

How does one campaign on educational equity as a Union member/organizer? He's been the biggest barrier in achieving educational equity since September of last year.

I don't know what HIS personal stance has been (not very vocal on social media), but it appears rather contradictory.

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How has Joel Richards been a barrier in achieving educational equity? Or the BTU for that matter? I don't follow at all.

Richards would make a fantastic city councilor. He's an amazing teacher, hard worker and a good listener.

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By all means, anon, elaborate. Maybe some things you think BTU is responsible for it is not. Looks like you could learn more about Joel too: https://www.moreford4.com/.

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I know Joel personally and he deserves better than a drive by knee capping by an "anon" not willing to show their face when attacking him for being a teacher and a union member. Both are very American things that most people agree have been good for America.

You are either a troll or have an interest in trying to rip this candidate down , otherwise you would show at least a user name and not hide behind a shield.

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Had him for geometry back at Latin School, was a really approachable teacher and genuinely cared about our understanding and our wellbeing. As a former student, I'm excited to see him considering to run for city council, and wish him all the best

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Joel is a very thoughtful forward thinking educator. He volunteers for his community, is raising his young family in the area and is willing to listen. I do not live in the district but I think he would bring a vibrant voice to the Council .

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