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Boston will join state in ending 9:30 p.m. curfew for restaurants, stores

COVID-19 Media Availability 1-22-21

Mayor Walsh said today the city will eliminate its 9:30 p.m. curfew on "public facing" businesses on Monday. However, Walsh said other extra restrictions enacted as numbers rose late last year will remain in effect until at least next week, when city officials meet to reevaluate Covid-19 numbers.

"The last thing we want to do is re-open too quickly," because then things might have to be shut again, Walsh said, in what could be one of his last Boston Covid-19 updates before he leaves for Washington. Other restrictions include the shutdown of facilities such as health clubs and the aquarium and a reduction in the number of people allowed to gather in one spot to 10 inside and 25 outside.

Walsh said that as of Jan. 14, Covid-19 positivity rates have gone down in almost every Boston neighborhood - and that the citywide rate of 7.5% is down from 8.7% the week before.

But, he said, 99% of non-surgical ICU beds in Boston hospitals are now full. Hospitals have the space and resources to add additional beds, but the city continues to monitor the numbers, he said. City Health and Human Services Chief Marty Martinez says Covid-19 census at Boston hospitals actually down, from 450 or so a couple weeks ago to 380 now. But beds are filling with non-Covid patients as well, he said.

Wash your hands, wear a mask, socially distance and get a shot when you can, Walsh said.

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My neighbor sends her daughter to Catholic Academy in Southie, they have been open since September, it can be done.

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Even open part-time, we are getting Covid cases in schools. It can't be done.

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There was an article in the Globe on SBCA’s Covid testing recently, to boot.

Or we just right off a year’s development for the kids.

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Indoor arcades and gyms can open in Boston but BOSTON PUBLIC SCHOOLS remains closed? Clark County NV just reopened after a surge of student suicides. Is this what Boston is waiting for?

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But most of us can't, yet. I know that's not Walsh's fault, but I also feel like it's an unintentional tease. It's frustrating.

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Agree. I’m being tested twice a week for my (on site) job, but because I’m a young 40-something with no health issues, I’m not slated to get it until sometime after September.

Meanwhile, vaccines are expiring or being damaged and thrown out. It sucks. I don’t wanna “jump the line,” but if it’s that perception that I have to bear—versus a vaccine dose expiring/being wasted—I’ll take the shame and the shot(s) the minute someone says let’s go.

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One of my peeves with Walsh during this period- has been the way he's made testing and vaccination sound like a no-cost/ lickety-split like endeavor

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And if a random Joe like Marty Walsh without any connections or high-powered friends can get a vaccination, it should only be a couple days for the rest of us

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