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More of a challenge than a question: Revere

This goes back to the early to mid eighty's.
At the bottom of Revere Beach where rte 145 turns towards winthrop.
there is a rotary. At the time I believe it was under MDC territory.
In the center of that rotory was a rowboat filled with flowers.
can anyone find a photo of it? I have been unsucessful.


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Most librarians live to seek out local stuff like this: https://www.reverepubliclibrary.org/

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But grew up in Winthrop and remember this from the 80s/90s at the rotary where you could head to Revere Beach, Winthrop or the Revere Beach Parkway

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ask around. I'm sure one of the old gavones have a pic.

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I started reading this thinking it was a limerick...

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