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Harvard athletes who live off campus won't be allowed to train on campus next semester

The Crimson reports the U made the decision to ensure people playing by Harvard Covid-19 rules on campus can use school facilities in reasonable safety.



Awww poor babies. That's ok. They'll still be winners of 2020.

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I'm so happy field hockey is a thing. I don't play it, but when I've seen it I was entertained.

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The article has lots of quotes from athletes who are offended that the university probably will allow access by off-campus students for research, but not sports.

I think Harvard absolutely should prioritize academics over sports. It's a university, not a sports club.

And sports teams already get major resources from the university that non-sports student groups could never dream of, like professional staff, beautiful facilities like the modern gym open only to varsity athletes (for individual workouts, not team practices), and free travel including plane trips to Florida just because it's a nicer place to practice.

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“They open the door for academic purposes, but then don’t even leave the possibility of athletes coming on campus."

What a ridiculous thing for this *checks notes* university to do...

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When I worked doing research at Harvard, I did high respiration activities in close quarters with my coworkers, who I sat ahead of and behind (both indoors and outdoors). I also climbed up and down stairs in a tall building stairwell in groups. Then I shared poorly ventilated spaces with them, also in exertional activities picking things up and putting things down or to shower and change.

Oh, wait - that was rowing for MIT. The labs I worked in at Harvard were well ventilated and I had a good stretch of lab bench to myself.

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" and free travel including plane trips to Florida just because it's a nicer place to practice."


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Ok, looking for details, it looks like they play games during their multiple Florida trips each spring. Most of the games are against other northern colleges, and a few are Florida teams. I don't know if it counts for the season or if they're exhibition games.


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