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Greenway becomes birdway as famished chirpers wing south in search of food

Hoary redpoll on the Rose Kennedy Greenway in Boston

Mary Ellen spotted this hoary redpoll, a bird more commonly found in arctic Canada and Greenland, this morning on the Rose Kennedy Greenway, near the Hard Rock Cafe. It's part of the 2020 irruption as unusually large numbers of birds head south in search of food.

Some major irruption going on at Millennium Park.




Wow! Nice find!

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I didn't know there was still a Hard Rock in Boston either!!

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Wow! Who is this Mary Ellen!? I look forward to her amazing bird photos and finds. You are doing great things, Mary Ellen! Thank you!

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It's hard to tell where the bird begins and the foliage ends. I guess that's why they call them hoary redpolls. :)

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