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Another downtown restaurant goes into hibernation, but will try an early opening than most

Boston Restaurant Talk reports that Villa Mexico on Water Street has closed, but hopes to re-open on Jan. 11.




I remember someone telling me about this place and I went to lunch, got a steak burrito and received a forearm-length delicious goliath for my money. I think I needed a nap after that.

I hope they are able to come back as they are top 3 for burrito's imo

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Sadly, many of these hibernations will turn into permanent closures. Remember, expanded outdoor dining was only supposed to be a bridge until we got things under control in the fall when restaurants could build back to some level of normalcy. But the Republican-controlled national response has a been negligent, malicious, and incompetent catastrophe and the nation is in the most vulnerable position yet; the responsible thing to do shut down all indoor dining.

But how do you snatch proverbial food off the table of an entire industry without providing any relief? 1 in 5 Boston area restaurants have already permanently closed and Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans are standing by and watching the rest of the industry asphyxiate. May they rot in Hell.

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FYI. this is a takeout place in the financial district, this has nothing to do with politics

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That is a very weird date to choose.

Although on the other hand it lets staff get unemployment and gives everyone the holidays off. Considering how bad things could roll out of control due to holiday gatherings the date starts making sense. 11 days after New Years Day would give them a pretty decent window into how insane things are so they could make an informed decision about opening. It allows staff to stay out of the dining room during the worst of the spreading periods keeping their families safer.

I almost feel that maybe if the government wanted to really have an affect on the spread they would offer loans to restaurants to close and stay closed for the month of December until sometime in January.

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