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Hyde Park tom's reign of terror continues; woman held hostage in own home

On one of the Hyde Park Nextdoor groups, a Huntington Avenue resident reports she tried to go outside Thursday morning, but the terrible turkey was there:

I ended up having to run for my life.

It appeared to be the same turkey that attacked a woman on nearby Westminster Street as she tried to walk to a nearby Dunkin' Donuts last Sunday, and then tried to make mincemeat out of a TV reporter, only he was able to fend off the drumsticks of doom with a mic on a selfie stick.

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I grabbed my kids hockey stick, the Turkey fled the vicinity.

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The bagpipes players, From Beacon Hill, could
Be used to create a Turkey free zone in Hyde park.

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Our neighbor has an elderly pitbull that might dissolve you to death with loving drool and exhaust you with belly rub demands.

I have only seen her get aggro on two occasions: when her young family was entering the woods and there was a coyote skulking around (she blocked their way, sat on the trail, and growled fiercely and they got the message); and when the two toms decided to run into her yard to start chasing one of the small kids.

Feathers were lost.

The toms still come around, but they are a bit more wary now.

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An umbrella is also a useful deterrent. Open it and you have a 'tail' bigger than the birds.

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Sounds like a story from the Vineyard: https://www.thisamericanlife.org/452/poultry-slam-2011/act-two-0

Didn’t workout for the bird but most of the residents were very satisfied.

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A few years ago, I heard this odd sound from outside. When I looked out the window I saw that a tom had made himself comfortable on the neighbors' front stoop, and was announcing his availability and willingness to procreate -- no doubt confident that a bevy of lady turkeys would soon beat a path to our neighborhood and throw themselves at his feet.
He kept it up for a good 15-20 minutes. There was no response of any kind. I didn't actually see him leave, but the air was tinged with disappointment and failure. OK, I made that last part up.

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In some neighberhoods Tom would already be served in a casserole by now

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Whoever tries to take a single bite out of one of them would not get very far, if one gets the drift.

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You know there is easy fix for this, and it is that time of the year.

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...doesn't someone just kill it?

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