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Shots fired on Schuyler Street in Roxbury; former city councilor's house hit

Stanley Staco reports gunfire on Schuyler Street at Maple Street in Roxbury around 7 p.m.

Monica Cannon-Grant reports one of the bullets hit former Councilor Tito Jackson's house - while his nephew was sitting outside:

His nephew was sitting on the steps & had to duck for cover, neighbor's car window shattered. Many times he has shown up for me tonight I showed up for him. Community violence affects us all.




STOP shooting up the neighborhood already.

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heard these shots, sounds like no one was hit, I hope no one was hit.

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Anyone know why someone would be motivated to attack his house?

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Tito Jackson would have a grudge against Tito Jackson

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One thing I've learned: People with guns in Boston tend to be terrible shots: It's amazing how many bullets are winding up in people's houses from gun battles/failed murder attempts because the people with the guns don't know how to aim. Probably for the better (and luckily, bystanders have not been getting hit of late, but let's not forget Boston has a long history of bystanders dying in battles they had nothing to do with).

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