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A mighty wind

Downed tree in Cambridge

That was some storm that just came through. Josh Bitker snapped Huron Avenue in Cambridge, where a tree came down, taking trackless-trolley lines with it as it crashed onto a car parked in what turned out to be the wrong place.

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I was on West Roxbury Parkway headed north when the storm really burst. Wind, rain, extremely limited visibility, branches of all sizes being snapped off of trees.
Worst was Putterham Circle. A tree fell partly on (but fortunately mostly just in front of) a car at the exit from the rotary leading north. Fortunately the people weren't hurt.
People were in full Masshole mode. While I was stopped to see if anyone was trapped, a car went around me and drove wrong-way up the separated lane where traffic enters the rotary there. Not five minutes later, somebody did the same thing while a firefighter was standing there!

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Tree came down on one of the Mattapan trolleys, several injured

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Still didn't deter the BSSC softball league from playing at Rogers. They always make for a nice 15-minute diversion out of my house.

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I still don't have power. Earlier, the Eversource outage map looked like it had chicken pox, there were so many spots marked.

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A tree outside my building snapped, and the upper trunk ended up neatly inserted through my driver's side car window, without even scratching the paint. It was like Thor decided to put down his hammer for a moment, and put in a bit of practice with the javelin.

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