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The lure of the big city

Coyotes in the mist

Mary Ellen watched a pair of coyotes cross the drought-lowered Charles River from Cutler Park on the Dedham/Needham line over to Millennium Park in West Roxbury this morning.


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Thanks to Mary Ellen for taking them and Adam for posting them. It gives me some much-needed joy seeing them each day.

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I love all of Mary Ellen's photography. Thanks for sharing with us. This coyote picture is amazing.

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Typical empty nesters moving back to the city.

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Please god, let them come up the Charles River and start taking out the hundreds of geese--currently without any natural predators--who are s***ting all over the Esplanade & Fens park.

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Remember what you wished for when the family pets start to disappear.

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They shouldn't be free-roaming the landscape if there are coyotes around.

And if you live in Massachusetts there are coyotes around.

The rat population would like you to spread warnings, though.

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Non free-roaming pets have been attacked and consumed in their owner provided fenced yards. Barriers are easily negotiated by coyotes.

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Gorgeous creatures, too. Those are some healthy coyotes.

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More than just a taste of the wilderness right here in the city.

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Good news. Let them start killing and eating some turkeys and geese.

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With a Very Special Guest Appearance towards the end:

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The water levels in some ponds out here in the burbs is quite low, but nothing we haven't seen before. Is the river depth unusual for this time of year? Has it been this low before?

Thanks, just curious.

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We are in a drought, but we are also having a very active storm season.

The water levels are maintained accordingly: keep water flowing downstream and make way for torrential flooding.

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DCNK (double coyotes no kids)

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