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Citizen complaint of the day: The disintegrating pyramid of Fort Point Channel

Disintegrating pyramid

An aghast citizen files a 311 report over the idea that some people want to return the unmoored channel pyramid to its position midway between Fort Point and the post office, at least not without some major glue work or duct taping or something:

The pyramid in fort point channel is breaking apart. Thousands and thousands of little styrofoam pieces of the art installation are falling off and floating in the water. Our planets fish eat this stuff and get sick. It needs to be hauled out and repaired so it does not fall apart again. You have to do something about this




Calling billionaires with property in the area. Can you help?

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So someone complained about some weathering bricks? That must be the highlight of that persons week. Sorry you are an unhappy human, Karen.

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They're styrofoam and in the ocean. It's in the second sentence, Chad.

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I thought a Republican would be at least smarter than a toilet cake.

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Haul it out and dispose of it. Unfortunately, recycling companies won't take styrofoam, even though it's just puffed-up styrene, which they do take.

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That thing has far overstayed its welcome. It's past time for it to go.

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Isn't this technically on loan from the people of Egypt?

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