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Something to Mul over in South Boston

Boston Restaurant Talk reports that Mul's Diner on Broadway has moved into space in Amrhein's across the street.

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The "new" Muls has very little similarity to the old Muls, other than the fantastic servers.

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Amrhein's, lost it when they tried to get fancier about 15 years ago. Meanwhile, I never stopped loving Mul's, whose diner culture pre-pandemic was about as good as it gets here, though that's an admittedly low bar.

Sophie's Choice, but if only one can survive Trump's shit-hurricane -- yes, if your favorite restaurant goes under, it's almost certainly on Mango Mussolini, the guy who doesn't dare eat anything but McD's for fear of being poisoned, and probably is justified there -- I'll settle for Mul's surviving.

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Mul’s had the look and properly ornery staff but My Diner (formerly on A St.) runs circles around their kitchen. It’s the home fries that show the difference (they’re the tamago of diner food). They’re also one of the rare phoenix stories of losing their original location to a condo conversion and finding a new home not too far away.

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I worked at Mul's as a cook for one summer about 40 years ago, when I moved to Boston to go to BU. Two things stick in my memory. The owner cheated the waitresses by forcing them to pool their tips, and then keeping a substantial chunk for himself, until one of them reported it (anonymously), and he was forced to stop. And then there was the veal parm sub, which was very popular despite the fact that not one ounce of veal ever entered our cooler. The meat in the sub was pork tenderloin, which in those days was very cheap.

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40 Years Ago!!!!!!!!

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the appeal.

Mul's. wasn't. good.

Tiny portions of barely mediocre breakfast fare but for some reason it developed a loyal following.

Ethel & Andy's and Rondo's do a far better breakfast and you can't even sit down in one of them.

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Do condo buyers really want to live in a neighborhood where eventually there will be nothing but other condos?

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