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Great Scott signs letter of intent to rent former Regina space in Allston

Vanyaland reports the latest on the saga of the shuttered music space whose manager refused to let it die.




who’s going to play there? is there a boston music scene?

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Wow, you're right! Why isn't this being made into more overpriced "luxury" condos, or another bank branch, or just another permanent hole in the ground? Any of those things seems like a better use of this location than a music scene I haven't bothered to check in to at all. Thank goodness my opinion counts!

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i didn’t mention any of these things. i asked who the live entertainment at the new great scott’s would be? cover bands? the younger bands that play o’brien’s which will be gone soon? boston used to have a pretty healthy music scene. are mark morris and the catunes still rockin it?

the depot is still a great location for a restaurant they just haven’t found the right one to put there. i liked the sports depot.

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would be the bands that were playing Great Scott before it closed down, no?

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Indeed, there was music (local, national and international) most nights. I used to go there all the time before I left. Terrific venue and terrific bands.

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With lots of groups and people who enjoy seeing them.

COVID has kept people home, not the lack of desire from musicians or concertgoers.

Thanks for asking.

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The Ten Degrees Higher Than It Actually Is Thermometers.

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