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Roxbury gets a drive-in theater for the next month

The Nubian Summer Drive-In, which officially launches tonight, will show movies through October on a 40-foot-screen at the former Bartlett Yard bus yard at 2565 Washington St.

Reservations - $20 per carload, except on Saturdays, when there will be free family movies - can be made through the Web site. The District 7 Tavern will run socially-distanced beer garden and popcorn and other movie essentials will also be available for order right to your car. The space can hold roughly 100 cars; the beer garden will have room for about 50 people at a time.

The Grove Hall Neighborhood Development Corp. and the Friends of Melnea Cass are sponsoring the drive-in, along with the Madison Park Development Corp., All Aces, Mass Vote and the city of Boston.




Washington to Forest Hills? That Buspark?

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Up near Nubian Square, in Roxbury.

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...is very very cool.

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I thought cars and beers did not mix well.

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May I recommend the movie Blue Hill Ave and in honor of the MBTA the cult classic the Warriors.

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Their website says Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays only. Maybe they'll add the other four nights later?

That is a neighborhood where many people do not own cars. Do you know if there will be provisions for people who walk in or bike in?

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That’s not how drive-in movies work.

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especially some of the pop-ups that have appeared this year, such as the Kowloon in Saugus. You might need to bring your own FM radio receiver.

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I’m glad they allowed walk-ins at the Kowloon drive-in. But it’s somewhat ironic, since Route 1 in Saugus is one of the least walkable parts of the region, with the miles between crossing opportunities and all.

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I've taken that out. The organizers are talking about using the screen for showing football games and the like as well.

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I really hope one this renewed interest in drive-ins and/or outdoor movies more. Especially drive-ins.

I've done the lawn chair thing at the hatch shell a few times, but its just not the same sitting in your car watching a movie with some greasy popcorn/food while trying to stay warm yet not fog up the car windows.

yeah yeah cars.. i know i know..

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She's involved in some way... was President for several years of the Friends of the Melnea Cass Facility (up the street). Leonard Lee the director of that same facility also appears to be involved. Iwonder how that jives with his State job.

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On your first ever sincere use of “drive-in/drive thru” in a UH headline.

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Newman when I read this reply?

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What about the 46% of Roxbury households who do not own a car?

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It's probably higher in the immediate area, since Nubian Square is the neighborhood center with better transit access more dense development.

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