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Coronavirus kills another pub, this time in Somerville

Boston Restaurant Talk reports Bull McCabe's in Union Square has been knocked out of commission.




The guy that killed Tom Berringer and caused the death of two of his sons (Is there any movie or show where Sean Bean doesn't die)? The one who didn't talk to his wife for years even though they lived in a two room house? The one who would intimidate a town with the threat of violence if he did not get his way?

Too bad for the bar, but Bull McCabe has been held up as a role model by the right wing of Irish politics. He has been memed over there by people who don't want to pay water charges, listen to Dublin officials, or be part of the EU.

I think it is hysterical that Somerville supported a bar named for a character who is a mixture of some hick farmer, Trump, the guy who killed George Floyd, and the Lucky Charms Leprechaun.

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I went there for tasty burgers, and that tiny little music stage.....

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Swing and a miss!

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(Expletive.) Time to go watch Major League. After Black Panther, of course.

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Does the place have anything to do with "The Field" (which also just closed?)

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