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Now that Faneuil Hall Marketplace has a taproom, why not a pot shop?

NorthEndWaterfront.com reports on a meeting on Sept. 17 on the proposal for 1 Faneuil Hall Square, which is that modernish building adjacent to the historic hall and the Sam Adams taproom.


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and homeless activity in this precise area. Now we are going to have a potshop?

Ashkenazy is really doing a super job as caretaker of this property, huh?

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You really should visit sometime - it would be an educational experience for you.

If you don't want to be bothered, trust me, the area around a pot shop is probably the least likely place for people to light up.

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I agree with Ibb.
People should educate themselves. These are well run places. The average client’s age seems above 40.
No one is getting stoned in front of these places.

You’d be surprised at all the different types of people who shop at these places.

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I'm not a fan of targeting pot to tourists.

If they're in a hotel or (Air)BNB, the odds are there is no smoking in their room. So where are they going to smoke?
* In their room anyway -- bad for other guests
* In their car -- bad for everyone on the road
* In a park or other public place -- bad for everyone else in the park or other public place.

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Seeing guys in the driver's seat sucking on a joint in a smoke-filled car parked on the side of the road has been common for years now. Impaired drivers killing cyclists all so some loser can make an easy buck from his rec weed shop... smdh.

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Somewhere. Anywhere. Any neighborhood. Every neighborhood. Get these stores open as the people voted in favor of them, years ago. Stop listening to every whiny cluster of aggravated NIMBYs and listen to the large majority who ordered this up.

Then we can hopefully introduce some competition that will bring down the ridiculous sky-high prices that aren’t putting the black market out of business.

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I agree. The more that open, the more competition. Prices go down!!

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That's ONE way to make Bostonians go to Faneuil Hall.

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