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Roxbury man charged with trying to stab an EMT responding to a call

Kion Thomas

Thomas in cruiser awaiting transport to booking. Photo by Live Boston.

Live Boston reports a man walked up to a Boston EMT responding to a call at Blue Hill Avenue and Seaver Street, took out a knife and lunged at him around 11:25 p.m. on Thursday.

The EMT managed to evade the man, who had no known connection to the call, and his knife and called out for help. Police on scene promptly arrested Kion Thomas, 43, of Roxbury, on a charge of aggravated assault on an EMT.

In July, 2019, a woman being transported in an EMS ambulance allegedly repeatedly stabbed an EMT and sprayed another with pepper spray. The next day, another woman was charged with attacking an EMS supervisor who was trying to keep people away from a scene in South Boston where EMTs were trying to treat an unconscious person.

Innocent, etc.

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Tries to stab an EMT. He will be bailed out and will be back on the streets. He will receive no help and will continue to terrorize his family and neighbors who sought help for him to no avail.

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Unacceptable. EMTs are out there trying to save people's lives. No sympathy from me if you want to argue mental illness made him want to murder a first responder.

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Assaults on EMT's, paramedics, and other emergency workers is far more common than many, if not most people are aware of, as is violence in the workplace, generally.

Let's hope that the EMT who was assaulted and stabbed is okay.

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You are saying that people assaulting EMT workers (who they don't know) is more common than thought? Why is this the case? It seems to me that it would be similar to assaulting a mail carrier.

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