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UMass Amherst to furlough more than 800 workers; blames losses due to Covid-19

The University of Massachusetts announced the furloughs today, citing a $169-million hole in its current budget. Among the losses: $67.4 million in anticipated housing and dining revenue caused by the school's decision to hold classes remotely this semester and a $30.6-million loss in tuition revenue.

Furlough status means the workers are still eligible for benefits, including health insurance.




It's very appealing to people from metro NYC, Boston etc... who can and want to work remote from their high quality jobs in pharma/tech etc... so real estate is hot in the Valley. Yet if there are going to be tons of lower income workers who are directly impacted by UMass being closed (for the year, get real) even beyond these furloughs. Rural gentrification is coming.

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