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BSO lays off 50 employees it had earlier furloughed

Layoff notices went out yesterday, according to one of the workers, Tammy Lynch, who has started a GoFundMe page to help her colleagues.

Many of those laid off have had very little time and ability to develop any savings, and they face uncertain futures, particularly regarding health insurance.

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I know the stock market isn’t the real economy and there are factors driving investors to stocks, but I continue to be floored by how well it trades.

Take this story and multiply it by thousands as companies give up hope of any near-term return to normalcy and hard to see how we get back to a pre pandemic economy, even with the flaws that were already present there, for many years. We haven’t even started the extensive public sector layoffs that are inevitable barring major changes in Washington, likely including the end of the filibuster. Had the country handled the pandemic correctly to start we could have maybe avoided this fate, but hard to see how now and we will have a half million deaths on top.

Good on everyone generously contributing to those down on their luck, but it is also a disgrace and incredibly untenable that the safety net is a go fund me page.

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