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AMC re-opening 10 Boston-area theaters



They're crazy, but not that crazy.

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"Well, he saw that he could see that 42 year old movie where the girl tramps herself up to attract a guy. The movie was only 15 cents".

"You mean the one where the guy tries to change himself to get the girl but immediately goes back to his old ways when she puts on leather pants and takes up smoking, instead of sticking to her core values of nice sweaters, long skits and saddle shoes?"

"Yes, that one, the one where Stockard Channing is 34 but playing an 18 year old, but the thing is the ventilation system in the bathroom was poor and after everyone hit the head after the movie all at once, well you know, germs spread, he picked up non-symptom Covid and he was ok but gave it to his granny when he got home." "He could have seen it at one of these pop up drive ins but that costs like $27 or at home on demand for like $1.99, where $0.15 is a bargain."

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Very worried about the Boston Common location though. Even in pre-Covid times they had difficulty keeping the place clean and clear of sleeping, snoring, and substance use and abuse. And if high ticket prices didn't discourage this behavior, $0.15 seats are just asking for trouble. It'll turn the auditoriums into the cheapest flophouse accommodations in town.

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It now says 9 theatres are to reopen, not 10.

One of them is Assembly Row in Somerville, but Somerville has not yet moved into Phase 3 that would allow this, and they may still not by August 20.

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according to current state guidelines, regardless of the auditorium's size.

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Phase III is a major mistake. We can't get kids safely back into a classroom but can open movie theatres. What a joke.

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Let's have people go and sit in a room and breathe on each other for hours to make sure that we can spread enough covid that the schools won't open.

Good job, Charlie.

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