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Developer proposes apartment building with no parking on Dot Ave. near Ashmont T stop

Architect's rendering of 1813 Dorchester Ave.

Architect's rendering.

Developer Mark Kennedy today filed plans with the BPDA for a five-story, 28-unit residential building with ground-floor retail space at 1813 Dorchester Ave., across from Edwin Street, a few blocks north of the Ashmont T stop - the first new development proposal along the street since the start of the pandemic.

The project will not include accessory off-street parking owing to its close proximity to public transportation. Rather, the ground floor will contain two separate retail units, a gym or similar amenity space for residents, with an outdoor patio, a spacious bicycle storage room ...

The building would replace the warehouse that now sits on the site. It would have 19 two-bedroom and apartments and 9 one-bedroom units. Four of the units would be rented as affordable.

Kennedy hopes to begin construction of his proposed $8.5-million building in late 2021, with occupancy in late 2022.

1813 Dorchester Ave. small-project review application (19.1M PDF).

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Wow, a building for people rather than cars. Just like we used to build, which people still live in all over the city.

And as far as I can tell, it doesn't include that awful provision that the residents can't get resident parking permits, in order to reserve the street parking for existing residents with driveways.

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From reading the BPDA application, it looks like a sensible project for this stretch of Dot Ave. that's in need of a new life.

The developer is asking for some serious variances. The zoning allows for 1.0 FAR (floor area ratio) and they are pushing for 3.4. The maximum allowed height is 35' and they are aiming for 59' -interestingly, the architect's rendering barely shows the 5th floor. As a trade off the City and surrounding community should ask for more affordable units than the 4 out of 28 currently proposed -which is the minimum to meet the current BPDA requirement.

Yay to zero parking when located this close to the Ashmont station! This allows for more units -hopefully more affordable as well- and a much better and greener development overall.

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Great to see development on that stretch, but to think that future tenants will not have cars is naive. On top of that, the Ashmont line is not reliable and who wants to take the T during a pandemic?

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The plan makes no concession for Zipcar parking spaces or for limiting access of residents to residential parking permits. If the building comes without parking, it should at least have those.

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Yeah, people who live in buildings without off-street parking should be permanently banned from parking on public streets.

We need to preserve street parking for existing residents, even if they have driveways. All newcomers to the neighborhood should have to use public transportation exclusively, so existing residents don't have to.

How about the city also guarantees that these new residents' jobs will never move to an office park out on 128?

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I don't have an opinion on this but for the uninitiated, the whole idea of requiring affordable units IS the concession for allowing a developer to build beyond zoning guidelines.

Extracting more from a developer than is "required" is simply what's happened over the years.

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Unit residents are not entitled to street parking permits. Put it in their deed, problem solved and then I support these variances granted to the developers.

If Covid stays no-one takes the T again.

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The new Christopher-Roche - their work was recognizable immediately. Have they ever designed more than one facade in the firm's history?

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This building is partially a warehouse, but it also has a couple of offices in it. Not that you can tell from the outside. The folks who work there keep a very low profile. The doors are solid and the windows all have grates on them.

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