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Sox pitcher contracts coronavirus, develops myocarditis

Eduardo Rodriguez joins the 10 to 20% of Covid-19 patients who develop an inflammation of the heart, so he's taking a week off.




I very much doubt he'll be recovered enough from mycarditis to safely play in just a week.

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It was a week before he STARTS training. He had not yet started training for the season because of recovering from COVID. He's not pitching next week (Nor, would he have been had he had not this set back)

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It seems pretty mild, as he said he didn't notice. Myocarditis happens quite often with colds, flu or other viruses as well, and can be triggered by candida, bacteria, and parasites as well. Rarely severe, but as an athlete exerting himself, probably best to let it subside.

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With the outbreak on the Marlins team, there's a decent chance the season will be over in a week.

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