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Man found shot in the head inside store on Shawmut Avenue in Roxbury

Victim identified as Tanjim Siam. GoFundMe page.

The victim was found unconscious inside a convenience store at 718 Shawmut Ave. at Williams Street around 9:10 p.m. The homicide unit was called in due to the severity of his injuries.


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We know that the good citizens of high-crime areas are afraid to call the police, more because of retribution from criminals than fear of the police. Snitches get stitches, etc. The late Black Roxbury activist Georgette Watson tried to change this with her Drop-A-Dime initiative. With her gone, it became the local cop on the beat, acting proactively, who got the guns off the streets in high-crime areas before murders could occur. Sadly, those days are over and unlikely to return this decade, if ever.

Police have retreated to the safety of the station parking lot or the top floor of a garage to await the next 911 call. Out of sight, out of mind. Whatever minimal traffic enforcement was taking place is long gone. The courts have clearly ruled that officers can't be forced to write tickets. Many guns used to be recovered in traffic stops but they will remain on the street now. Why would any cop stop a car? Hidden away from public view, the officers have a margin of safety from being the next front page story. So they quietly await the next 911 call that they won't be rushing to for fear of an accident. The bad guys are well aware of it and that's why Boston has rapidly and predictably become a Dumpster Fire, spreading fast. By Labor Day, one fatal shooting on a Tuesday in Boston will be considered a slow night. God, please spare us any more victims of this manufactured insanity.

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I take from the tone of your diatribe that you are an older gentleman. So it stands to reason that you would recall the late 60’s and early 70’s here in Boston, where the rates of violent crime were about 6.5x as high as they are now in 2020. How was this decrease accomplished? By an embrace of community oriented policing rather than a combative and retaliatory culture embodied by the ‘drop a dime’ type rhetoric you mentioned. How can we keep improving? By increasing transparency in law enforcement which further strengthens their ties to the community, which in turn increases their effectiveness.

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My heart breaks, too, hearing reports of violence. Part of why I follow this blog is to not look away from that or deny it.

So yeah, get guns off the streets. Can't do that unless you stop guns making from the factory, to the streets. Stop the violence people perpetrate on one another - by stopping the violence of perpetual poverty, and instead foster opportunity. By the time you are recovering a gun in a traffic stop, so much of the damage has been done.

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Getting guns and knives off the streets doesn't do jack shit if the people using them aren't off the streets. These objects are are tools. A commercial commodity no different than a hammer. They have no free will. Only the will of the person holding them. Never blame the tools, blame the craftsman. A hammer doesn't a carpenter a shitty carpenter, a shitty carpenter is a shitty carpenter. All this 'gun' or 'knife' violence wordplay does is shift the blame away from the criminal. Perpetual economic poverty doesn't cause this type of crime either. It's a moral poverty. There are plenty of dirt poor people around the city, country and the world that never commit a crime in their life. Many of these criminals are poor on paper because they live in an underworld where everything is done in cash to evade the authorities, dodge taxes, and game benefits. Remember Al Capone? It's real hard for criminals to report income.

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...to hide in a parking garage. Huh.

I can’t imagine why people call to defund that.

And the Democrats are the “lazy” ones.

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report on the arson of a virgin mary statue?

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Such a tragic story and you just want to pick a fight? Stop, please, just stop.

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A bad fight, considering Adam already covered what they were accusing him of not covering.

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