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Drive-in movies return to Boston for a month

Old Neponset Drive-in in Dorchester

Outdoor movies in Dorchester in 1984 (now John Paul II Park). From the Library of Congress.

Update: All the showings are already full.

Boston yesterday announced a series of drive-in movies for July, marking a temporary return of the art form to a city that once had at least three drive-ins (Dorchester, West Roxbury and East Boston).

This time, the movies, on Wednesday nights, will be shown at either the parking lot for the South Boston convention center or the Parker Street parking lot on Mission Hill:

This Drive-in Movie Series will include double-feature showings on select Wednesday nights in July, as well as a special matinee viewing with the Age Strong Commission. This series is free, family-friendly, and open to residents of Boston. All event attendees must pre-register by car through an RSVP on Eventbrite which can be accessed through boston.gov/drive-in-movies.

Movies and show times.




How is this going to work when it’s still daylight out?

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Also, there are no 10 AM screenings.

There are 6 PM shows, and again, make sure the screen isn’t facing west and you should be fine.

This is not a new concept. Heck, the City is basically reworking the “Movies in the Park” series they have been doing in past years.

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though they haven't announced what film that will be. Hope it's a cloudy day.

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Have the screen face north/west.

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Everett is having a drive-in movie tonight with a special seating area for people who don't arrive by car. Is Boston making any similar provision?

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hopefully they'll consider last house on the left (the original, not the crappy remake) a family film

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Neponset Dive In was doing it right.

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I'm tryna find that house that vanished. I think it was on the left.

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This reminds me of the ArcLight Cinema series they kicked off earlier this year. 30 days of free, mostly classic, films. All the films were full before they released the list to the general public.When I went to one screening late in the series, 80% of seats were open in the "sold out" theater.

I think they will face the same problem here. Make people sign up a couple of days before each screening, so you don't get the "I'll sign up since there is no penalty for no shows". I'm sure people just signed up for all of them "just in case."

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I REMEMBER THOSE LETTER SIGNS AT SMALL THEATRES! I had a job at a small cinema that was showing Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid (early 80s) and my friends and I snuck up on the roof where the sign was and changed the letters to read Dead Men Do Get Laid. That was before social media. I'm sure our work would have gone viral today. Ah the good old days!

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And save 2 bucks

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