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One shot, one stabbed in Newmarket Square

Shortly after midnight, two people got themselves into the Boston Medical Center emergency room, one shot, one stabbed - just as victims were arriving by ambulance from the quintuple shooting at the Franklin Field development. They told police it happened somewhere on Massachusetts Avenue in Newmarket Square.




Or is there a bit of an upswing in violence?

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Jamaica Plain and East Boston, specifically. I live in Jeffries Point and Maverick Square, without the professional foot traffic, has been super seedy lately.

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Anecdotally, daytime fights in Central Square seem to be way up too.

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Realtors / Brokers are (half) full of crap. Jeffries Point and the immediate waterfront are beautiful don't get me wrong, but as you shy closer towards Central / Day Square you'll notice a quick shift in demographics and a lot of unreported crime (due to the illegal immigration population). I truly think not being geographically connected to the rest of the city (with no above ground bridge) sets this neighborhood back, but maybe that's just me.

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