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Army engaged in battle against coronavirus in Massachusetts

WBUR reports on a visit by Army Chief of Staff - and Quincy native - Gen. James McConville to survey work by the Army Corps of Engineers and Army Reserve medical units to help build and staff the state's field hospitals in places such as the South Boston convention center.

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the only functioning governmemt operation. Thank you for your service

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Fortunately in Massachusetts that’s simply not true. The Massachusetts government is doing a pretty damn good job. I feel really grateful to live here right now.

I know someone will rag on them as soon as they see this post but compare our state government to the federal government, or to Mississippi right now.

And I actually believe the trolls who will rag on this posting are probably being paid to do so.

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I’m also deeply grateful for our military.
Thank you for your service!

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I have nothing further to add, other than I'm not a troll and I post for free (OK, maybe the occasional like, but still...).

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