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Some room to breathe along Jamaica Pond

Closed Parkman Drive

Peter Cheung shows us Parkman Drive closed to traffic so that the non-motorized set can have more room to socially distance. DCR shut the road for the weekend and may keep it car-free for the duration of the emergency; they'll make an announcement on Monday.


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Took a bike ride along the portion of Greenough Blvd. between Arsenal and North Beacon, which is also blocked off for cars. Not a lot of people there, so good for distancing.

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Well done. Everyone needs this now and as the weather gets nicer it will be even more important.

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Honestly as someone who uses that road often... good! The detour around this is only marginal (to be clear, I am only speaking for myself). And the extra space is welcomed... and not like in a social distancing kind of way, more like how memorial drive is closed on sundays during the summer kind of way.

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I hung out in the grass along the closed street and it was lovely. They should do this every weekend virus or not. It makes the pond safer and more pleasant.

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You aren’t supposed to be “hanging out in the grass.” You should be inside unless you are going about essential business or getting exercise. Sitting there will either allow the virus to find you or, and this is a theory we should all follow, you could be spreading the virus to people who actually want to get exercise.

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This is not true. There’s nothing in the order that says you can’t be still. I did the same, and I will continue to do so without the need for your permission.

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There's no difference between this and what I did last night, which was to hang out alone, at the top of a hill in Danehy Park, for an hour, to watch the sun slowly set.

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Just couldn't resist the urge to tut-tut, could you? Tell us all about how the virus is going to "find you" or how you're going to "spread the virus" when you're not near anybody.

And what's this bullshit about "people who actually want to get exercise"? Not everybody can "exercise" the same way, not everybody wants to, all are equally entitled to spend time outdoors.

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