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Brigham and Women's builds a coronavirus testing booth

WBZ reports the booth, based on a design from South Korea, lets clinicians examine and test people with Covid-19 symptoms from behind a polycarbonate shield, meaning they don't have to use a new set of increasingly rare personal protective equipment for each patient.


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Looks like something out if a bio hazard site or nuclear facility. Looks pretty straight forward, we should have these all over.

I wonder about sanitization in between patients tho? Can they just spray it down between uses?

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I hope they do have some kind of system for that.

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becuz even if the test ended up being negative, the patient would now be positive.

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This log-in is beyond hopeless.

Anyway, the Brigham tent has been up and running for about a week now and offers the full eau-de clorox and bleach aroma to the adjacent cab stand, which is the same scent to be found in the interior of my cab wherever it may be these days.

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Kudos to the unsung heroes in
the BWH Engineering dept,
who made this happen!
Specifically the guys in
the Carpentry shop.

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One facility in Spain had a doctor buy a bunch of clear ponchos to put over patients during intubation. Don't know if they were actually used on humans, but there is a demo vid with Resusci Andy.

The "hot side" issue extends to people in ICU. My niece has been talking about having to use dry erase marker to write backwards on the glass when on the hot side to get supplies from the outside areas.

IF you have any left over baby monitors or intercom equipment, offer them to an ER (you won't get them back) because the staff need them to talk to the "outside" in an efficient manner.

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I thought it was Mission Hill. Its own neighborhood.

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Correct, Mission Hill is part of Roxbury.

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The Roxbury Crossing post office is at 1575 Tremont Street between St. Alphonsus St. and Brigham Circle.

Yes, Mission Hill *is* Roxbury.

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It is, and has always, been a part of Roxbury.

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Here's a video showing how the booths work in South Korea. They do clean/disinfect in between patients.


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Why bother with gloves and a person

Just take a standard Paint Booth equipped with a shower of disinfectant and a Compassionate Care Robot

  1. Potentially COVID-19 Infected Person arrives and enters Sample Area to be tested
  2. Robot acting very compassionately makes small talk and then takes the Sample
  3. Robot places the Sample into a Sterile Sealed Container
    1. and then transfers the Sample through an airlock between the Sample Area to the Testing Area
    2. to be tested by another robot in the Testing Area
    3. using the Abbott Labs 15 min tester
  4. Person leaves Sampling Area and enters Sterile Waiting Booth to await result
  5. Sampling Area is disinfected including robot
  6. Person receives result
    1. is either Negative is and told to go home with instructions
    2. or positive and is held to be evaluated for need for further care
  7. Person leaves the through one of two portals
    1. Exit to outside world and home
    2. Enters holding area [floor opens?]
  8. Testing Area is disinfected including robot and airlock
  9. Waiting Booth is disinfected
  10. Ready for next Potentially COVID-19 Infected Person

This might be a bit facetious and then --- who knows

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