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Mass. General doctor who rides his bike to work has it stolen; asks for it back

The doctor reports man folks have offered to loan him a bike, but he's had his 2007 Dahon for 13 years and he likes it back and besides, it's basically held together with duct tape and would be near worthless on the open market. He adds:

The nearby bicycle rack was completely full. The bicycle was folded and U-locked to secure the front wheel against the rear frame, making it awkward and uncomfortable to carry, but there was no fixed structure to lock it to. The thief picked up the entire thing and carried it away.


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Gone. But seriously, my buddy who worked in Harvard Sq / Central Sq had two bikes stolen weeks apart, he couldn't afford a decent one so he asked other friends online for a loner and they came through. Maybe doc can do the same??

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Give that doctor his bike back! He needs it and we need him!

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gathering dust in my barn if he wants it

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Are BlueBikes shut down for being a potential disease vector from everyone touching them?

Maybe safer than being trapped in a box underground or riding on the MBTA. But still a concern touching shared equipment that might not have enough time in the sun to nuke whatever viral nightmare from Wuhan is stalking about. ='(

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