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Chomp, chomp, chomp went the backhoes

Former RCN building Demo

Nate Swain compiled this video of the demolition of a former RCN building on West 1st Street by the Haul Road in South Boston. It's coming down to make way for an eight-story office building aimed at "innovators."

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The backhoe has been consigned to the invention hall of history the same way that the Flip phone came and went

Today's much more capable tool that superseded the backhoe is the Excavator -- as you can see in the video

By the way the building itself is to be part of the first few structures transforming the old industrial era landscape into the Southie / Fort-Point version of Kendall Sq. -- with a lot more to come in the vicinity of the GE Hq on Necco St.

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I coulda used that rubba roof for my place down the Cape.

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