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Wanted man nabbed on Orange Line after passengers react with alarm to one of his rifle-like paintball guns, police say


Transit Police officers met an inbound Orange Line train at State Street yesterday afternoon after a passenger called police to report a man in the train with an assault rifle.

The weapon turned out to be one of two paintball guns in duffel bags being carried by Joseph Driscoll, 41, of South Boston, Transit Police report, adding Driscoll also had fireworks with him.

Officers confiscated the fireworks, but didn't let Driscoll go, because he was wanted on warrants out of Quincy court on shoplifting and narcotics charges and out of Dorchester court on a narcotics charge, police say. He was taken to Transit Police headquarters on Southampton Street for booking on those charges.

Innocent, etc.




too bright.

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A paintball gun and fireworks? He's like a middle aged Bart Simpson.

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I was at Back Bay Station last night and I saw two Special Operations Transit Police officers milling around near the waiting area and the fare gates. Usually there's an occasional TP officer walking around, but by their serious demeanor, they were looking for someone.

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The sightings of T-cops on the subway is so rare that when you see two of them you are led to believe they are looking for someone, more likely than not they are looking for the police discount at double D's

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