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Border Patrol sending special-forces officers, possibly including snipers, to Boston, other sanctuary cities

The New York Times reports the Border Patrol will be redeploying some of its more highly trained officers from the Mexican border to several cities, including Boston.

Among the agents being deployed to sanctuary cities are members of the elite tactical unit known as BORTAC, which acts essentially as the SWAT team of the Border Patrol. With additional gear such as stun grenades and enhanced Special Forces-type training, including sniper certification ...

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I understand the need to get the point across but I worry that the wording of this headline is meant to strike fear that we are entering a police state.

Yes, it's very concerning that the border patrol is redeploying officers to Boston and this makes me very uncomfortable, even as a white male. I am in favor of eliminating/reducing ICE so please don't take my comments as anything more than the words here.

To emphasize the "sniper certification" part makes it sound like the border patrol is going to be setting up on rooftops with sniper rifles. Is that what is going to happen? Or did the NYT (and Universal Hub) take a particular certification that some/all of the officers have and add that to the title to make the article seem more alarming?

What's more important than the skills & certifications is the REASON for the redeployment. That is what the headline should focus on! Does the border patrol think that there is a threat in Boston? Or are they just moving officers away from the border? Or are they setting up in Boston because of our policies?

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Some C.B.P. agents are permitted certain enforcement powers, including setting up immigration checkpoints, within 100 miles of a land or coastal port.

This is probably the only thing you need to worry about. The DEA/ATF already have enough SWAT/Tactical gear to assist ICE but in my opinion, the Border Patrol's legal ability to enforce street level immigration policies in Worcester should be the item that concerns everybody.

I don't pay too much attention to ICE activities, but wondered why they simply don't get the IRS involved as I assume most of these "illegal" immigrants aren't paying federal income taxes the proper way (witholdings wtih SS #'s, etc)? Or maybe they are and the IRS just like getting the money? I assumed the IRS can criminally enforce federal tax evasion type crimes.

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If they are getting good advice from advocates they have signed up for tax ids and are in fact paying taxes. Anyone dealing with immigrants without paperwork would encourage them to do this.

The IRS is not an agent of ICE or immigration. As long as they get their money they do not care where it comes from. Remember when they get those MOB bosses it is normally a tax based offense, not the 1,000 people they had a hand in killing.

They actually jump through a lot of hoops to keep themselves away from those sorts of battles because they want everyone to pay their taxes and do not want people to not pay taxes for fear of other things. Ironically it is very similar to the rationale often deployed for Sanctuary cities. Oftentimes the target audience is not the undocumented audience but rather those around them and others who are paranoid. It is not worth it to the IRS to help deport a few people if it means they lose millions in taxes they must now hunt down because people stop eporting income.

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Find the hotels and other businesses supporting them, and boycott.

Forbid local police agencies from providing support and intelligence.

Film them wherever they go to gather evidence of their abuses.

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Using urban camouflage to blend in as they keep an eye out for Massachusetts Judges trying to let wanted prisoners out the side doors.

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Trump is trying to get convicted felon/ best buddy Roger Stone out of jail. But republicans like that because he is white.

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He might get a sympathetic Judge who will let him flee.

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Battle of Breed's Hill Part Deux

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Trust Fund Trump epically failed on his useless wall so now he is throwing another temper tantrum. Why do republicans hate immigrants so much? Because immigrants work so much harder than them? Because they don't have three failed marriages and a couple dozen failed business?

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That finding a steady stream of immigrants willing to marry him (the "jobs Americans don't want to do" and all that) would have made him a bit more sympathetic, but it's clearly the hearts of Hannity and Dobbs he's chasing now

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Boston is one of the safest cities in America, proving every day that it’s possible to decrease crime while being a city that is welcoming to everyone.

What we need - and have needed for a long time - is a sound, rational national immigration policy rooted in both compassion and common sense. Never forget that at the root of this issue are human beings.

All human beings deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Policies aimed at sowing division and fear are ultimately counterproductive and harmful not merely to the families and individuals who are targeted but to the broader community of which we are all a part.

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rational national immigration policy rooted in both compassion and common sense

Common sense and compassion are different things. Trump's immigration enforcement is generally centered on common sense ("if you're living here without authorization to live here, go home"), but lacks compassion. Walsh's policy is full of compassion, but lacks common sense ("welcome to our crowded city, your status doesn't matter here, you're safe").

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Yes, they’re different things. Not sure what your argument is by comparing the two. Can one only show compassion or common sense, not both?

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Play silly games win silly prizes

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Included 5 of the felons they’re targeting locally and they should be locked up and removed.

But fear monger away.

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I'd rather have an immigrant (illegal or not) as my neighbor than a Trump supporter.

Thankfully I already have some great immigrant neighbors..

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Every law enforcement agent has individuals that take sniper certification classes. Remember the two marathon bombers.

If they arrest violent felons only will you still be triggered?

Per the herald they have 5 people their specificity looking for, all violent felons, one who RAPED a child.

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If you want five people arrested, you quietly feed information to and work with local police to get them quickly and efficiently.

If you want to terrorize a group of people and get everyone used to the idea that you can send in your elite troops to overrule local authority, you do this.

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That's the thing, though: if they came here and removed 5 child-raping heroin traffickers and left, people probably wouldn't feel as antagonized.

Instead, we'll see headlines like:

- Nobody Picked Up This 5-Year-Old From School Because Her Mom Was Detained Without Charges After Not Crossing an "I" On Government Form

- Man, 37, Deported To Country He's Never Been To And Doesn't Speak The Language After CBP Takes His Wallet And Puts Him On A Random Flight

- Grandmother Here Legally For Cancer Treatment Accidentally Shot In The Face Because Her Grandson Asked To See The Warrant

Yunnow, headlines that don't exactly make one proud to be American.

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I’d bet $100 they only target felons, not house maids.

Will house maids get caught in the sweep. Yes. But only because the associate with dangerous felons.

Adam has lost it since the last election. Pray for him in 2020 because no one currently running is beating Trump.

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In 2008, the majority targeted by ICE have not been felons.

Its simply not true to say "well they're only here for hardened criminals".

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but the 5-year old's mom got picked up in Philly yesterday:

"ICE agents arrest mother as she dropped off child at South Philly school"

To their credit, they apparently released her the same day in this case, instead of keeping her there for a week for, uh, an investigation.

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The SJC made law enforcement's job so much more dangerous by interfering with federal law enforcement in not honoring detainers and not allowing arrests inside courthouses where suspects have already been checked for weapons.

So, tactically trained agents are needed to arrest possibly armed criminal aliens in uncontrolled environments at great risk.

Roger Stone should be let free unless all the SJC judges, courts, mayors, and police chiefs who order non compliance with federal laws. He only did what they do daily, obstruction of justice.

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Holy shit, why am I looking at an add on UHub for the Border Patrol. If you click on the ad it brings you to their recruitment website. So UHub is profiting from the Border Patrol. Keep up with your hypocrisy.

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first day on the internet?

never saw an ad before? do you really think adam personally chooses the ads that shows up on the page? it's literally a random ad served up by a company called 'AdChoices' - which you see if you hover on the top right corner. it likely matched it due to the text content. unfortunate, sure, but likely out of adam's control.

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"uniformed division".

Looks cool, I'm gonna join. Thanks Adam.

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Pay for Uhub. No ads.

Oh, but then there would be on less ridiculous thing to complain about, huh?

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Use adblock. Also, good luck cleaning your computer of viruses from clicking the ads.

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For all the people with all the self proclaimed compassion -- What part of the following phrase describing in simple terms the US Immigration Policy -- don't you understand:

"It is a violation of the US Code [xxxxxxx]*1 to enter the country without a visa or equivalent or to overstay one's visa or equivalent" [note plenty more details are available on a number of websites devoted to the US Criminal Code and/or Immigration Law already on the books]

President Donald Trump had no part in writing the relevant US Code -- that was something done by Congress with some previous President applying a signature to make it into Law

All that Customs and Border Protection [aka Border Patrol] or Immigration and Customs Enforcement [aka ICE] do is Enforce the Laws Written by Congress

If you don't like the Laws that they as Federal Employees are Sworn to Enforce as the Oath of Office that they take when they start work -- Well then call your local Squad Member and have the Congress Write New laws!!~!

The rest is just Ignorant Grandstanding!!

from https://cis.org/Nicley/Despite-Media-Claims-Contrary-Illegal-Entry-Crime...

Despite Media Claims to the Contrary, Illegal Entry Is a Crime
By Michael C. Nicley on April 7, 2014

8 USC § 1325 is the federal criminal statute that outlines the elements of illegal entry and establishes penalties for the crime. A first offense may be charged as a misdemeanor and the violator is subject to a fine and imprisonment for not more than six months. Subsequent violations may be charged as a felony with the violator exposed to a fine and imprisonment for not more than two years.

8 USC § 1326 is the federal criminal statute that outlines the penalties associated with illegal entry by aliens who have been previously deported and/or have a criminal history. Aliens who have been convicted of three or more misdemeanors involving drugs, crimes against a person, or both, or a felony (other than an aggravated felony), may be fined and imprisoned for not more than 10 years. An alien whose removal was subsequent to conviction for commission of an aggravated felony may be fined and imprisoned for not more than 20 years.

Depending upon an alien's criminal history, the crime of entering the United States without legal authorization can expose them to fines and imprisonment for six months, two years, 10 years, or 20 years. Serious time for serious crimes.

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