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It's still before midnight in the North End

Horse and pumpkin carriage in the North End

Jared Alves took a look at one of the setups for "Frill," a streaming-Disney prequel to "Cinderella" - in which the North End's North Square was turned into a Christmas scene, complete with snow, as if that could ever happen.

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311 complaint earlier today:

Hello. While filming by Disney is over, there remains fake snow on the sidewalks and in our back alley. This was not fixed by clean up on Saturday by Disney and it did dissolve with the rain last night.

(based on the pic they attached they meant to type did not)

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Just what we need. And why does it take place in the North End in Boston?

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Actually, the movie called Godmothered. Ilsa Fisher and Jillian Bell staring in a comedy about a unskilled fairy godmother who goes on her own to help a single mom who's childhood wish was ignored. Talked to the crew in Charlestown - Frill is just a placeholder with a generic plot description. The director also did Bridget Jones Diary and she did a pretty good job with that movie.

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