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Forum for at-large candidates in West Roxbury next week

The Bellevue Hill Improvement Association hosts a forum for the newly slimmed down field of candidates for at-large city-council seats at 7 p.m. on Monday at St. George Orthodox Church Hall, 55 Emmonsdale Rd. in West Roxbury.

In yesterday's preliminary election, voters selected eight candidates to face off for four at-large seats in the Nov. 5 final election: Michelle Wu , Michael Flaherty, Annissa Essaibi-George, Alejandra St. Guillen, Julia Mejia, Althea Garrison, Erin Murphy and David Halbert.




No elected residents in the city government, right? No city-wide, O'Malley lives in JP, etc...

We're probably a year two away from the Keogh voters starting a movement to secede from Boston.

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If St. Guillen gets elected, West Roxbury will have somebody on the council, because she lives there (and the council will have its third BLS graduate), although I suspect that's not what you mean.

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I didn't think she was from WR, my bad!

I was not making some kind of oblique lace curtain Irish comment, just a straight geography remark.

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Guess I was too quick to reach for the crankiness.

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Matt has lived in West Roxbury for a couple years.

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