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Dozens of EMTs, paramedics line courtroom hallway awaiting arraignment of woman charged with stabbing EMT

UPDATE: The Suffolk County DA's office reports she was ordered held without bail and to undergo a mental-health evaluation at her arraignment on single counts of assault with intent to murder and assault on a public employee and two counts of assault and battery with a dangerous chemical.

WBZ Newsradio reports it's standing room only for the Boston Municipal Court arraignment of Julie Tejeda, 31, of East Boston, who is charged with an attack yesterday that left one EMT with multiple stab wounds to the leg and her and another EMT sprayed with pepper spray.

Innocent, etc.

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This is still maddening. Thanks to the EMT community for doing what you do and wishing a speedy recovery to the victims (EMTs).

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but I don't know that we do enough. I understand that they're not paid anywhere near appropriate for their sometimes life-saving importance. How can we mandate better pay for them?

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We charge pretty clise to a grand for a short low complexity ambulance call and we pay the EMTs not very well. Understanding where the money goes would be a good start.

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