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EMT stabbed repeatedly by patient in ambulance on way to Mass. General

Stabbing scene on New Chardon Street

Victim being carried to waiting ambulance. Photo by Hugh Drummond.

Around 4 p.m. on New Chardon Street at Bowker Street outside the Brooke Courthouse. WBZ reports a psychiatric patient began stabbing the EMT there - and sprayed her partner with pepper spray.




Two EMT'S were attacked one stabbed several times the other was hit with pepper spray. I know all are local politicians are concerned with the problems on the southern border but this city has a major crisis dealing with people with addiction and mental health issues. Grandstanding on issues dealing with the problems in the northern triangle while ignoring the problems on the methadone mile is not what the voters were looking for.

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That's exactly what the 25% who voted were looking for.

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This happened outside the Lindemann Center, where DMH has offices and an inpatient unit, the other side of town from the Methadone Mile. I know that this city has problems with homeless and mentally ill people who are unable to access services easily, and sometimes made worse by drugs, just commenting on the location.

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This may simply be a "sick person out of their head" issue. This can happen whenever someone is sufficiently ill as to misinterpret helping behavior as an attack.

For example, someone having a diabetic crisis, or someone with a neurodevelopmental disability or Alzheimers or having a paradoxical reaction to medication.

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"diabetic crisis"?

this loser had a knife and pepper spray at the ready.


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We treat addiction as a law enforcement problem.

It is a public health problem and a medical problem.

We treat mental illness as a law enforcement problem.

It is a public health and a medical problem.

Want these problems to go away?

Quit treating them as law enforcement problems. Start treating them as public health and medical problems.

Want to keep seeing more stories like this?

Keep treating mental illness and addiction as law enforcement problems.

The data are out there - use them and tell all these dumbass jocks running some of our sheriff's departments who think dead EMTs are good for additional police funding and private contracts to STFU and learn to be public servants, not self servants.

From the 2016 Surgeon General's Report:

Despite decades of expense and effort focused on a criminal justice-based model for addressing substance use-related problems, substance misuse remains a national public health crisis that continues to rob the United States of its most valuable asset: its people. [...] A public health approach seeks to improve the health and safety of the population by addressing underlying social, environmental, and economic determinants of substance misuse and its consequences, to improve the health, safety, and well-being of the entire population.

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which then pulled over near the courthouse. According to the Globe, (alleged) assailant was the patient being transported to MGH.

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Firefighters get all the glory but it's EMTs who have a more dangerous job.

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