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First day at the Brookline weedmart not bad, police say

Brookline Police report things went pretty smoothly at the Brookline Village herbarium on its first day selling recreational marijuana:

BPD found limited disruption to area from 9 am opening, coordination went well. Schedule ahead worked, thus lines had less impact on pedestrian traffic. Mbta service not affected, heavy media presence. Overall successful 1st morning as a result of planning



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See, nothing to fear.

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Almost everywhere else these shops are met with "I voted for it....BUT...I just don't think this is a good spot for it (ie: near MY house)"...or "I voted for it....but...I think it is a bad spot .....ya know...because of the traffic...(ie: its near MY house)"

Looks like Brookline showed everyone how to do it. Brookline voted for it and they rolled out the welcome mat. That's how its supposed to work.

Nice job Brookline.

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until a good enough number of the apartment and condo buildings in Brookline have somebody's marijuana smoke wafting through the vents and through the hallways at all hours. Then it'll get old right quick.

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Those don't stench like smokables do, and they are now available in the shops.

Having visited and having family in places that legalized years ago, the problem of weedsmoke in buildings has apparently abated now that people may enjoy other forms of cannabis.

There's no excuse for it anymore, either.

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People still smoke indoors? Gross, no matter what you're smoking. Every standard lease has a 'strong odors' clause. Just take it outside, people

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I live in the neighborhood. There was local opposition, first when NETA was going to arrive as a medical dispensary, and when they were switching over. It wasn't foaming at the mouth, but it was there.

The medical served as an excellent gateway in a part of town called Gateway East. People were sympathetic of medical, and so Brookline gave it a shot over some neighborhood objections. It worked just fine -- nobody found pot brownies on the sidewalk or junkies in the alley. So converting to full retail once the camel's nose was under the tent seemed OK too -- they were already operative, there haven't been any problems, and the tax revenue can help fund teachers for the now-bursting schools.

Sure enough, NETA's operations were professional, there were plenty of officers hanging around, and it was no biggie. It's worth noting that this site:
* is a stand-alone beautiful granite building
* with no windows (it's a former bank)
* on the edge of a retail area
* in a place that isn't especially inviting,
so the activities are self-contained and not imposing on the streetscape or sidewalk traffic. I'm not sure every retail establishment will get it right, but it appears that NETA has in Brookline.

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right now there are 4-5 cops at this place which isn't cheap. If this is going to be the new norm, then legal pot is going to be a boon for cops while consumers will be subsidizing them and probably paying more than illegal weed. Which seems to be not quite the intent of the law.

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I was at Kenmore station waiting for a Park St train, and I noticed the following sign on the video board...

Need to get to Brookline Village? Skip the shuttles* and take the "E" line to Riverway for quicker service.

This was clever on the T's part for two reasons:

  • The D line would have been overcrowded on the first day of sales.
  • The MBTA stealthily directed customers to the new shop. (Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more...)

*There were weekend shuttles between Kenmore and Reservoir, and will continue to be the case until early May. Maybe this will keep the "E" line running to Heath Street instead of always terminating at Brigham Circle...

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I heard (just a rumor) that it took a ton of detail cops to make everything run so "smoothly". No wonder BPD approves.

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Not Brookline. But good for the privileged many tho.

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Magoo knew.

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You can't possibly have observed everything you claim to in your comments, and no one cares if "Magoo knew." Classic troll.

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