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Truck crash does a number on 128 traffic

Smashed truck on Rte. 128 in Newton

The Weston Fire Department reports firefighters had to use the Jaws of Life to remove a truck driver from what was left of his vehicle near the Grove Street exit on 128 northbound in Newton early this morning.

Firefighters from Newton, Wellesley and Weston responded to the crash, which tied up traffic on the road.

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It's not just any truck--it's a beer truck.

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Which barely qualifies as beer.

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Might as well bring the bottle openers and use that stuff to brine the road instead of the granular "salt" mix. It would probably be more environmentally friendly in watershed and well areas.

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That's a tricky area, roads get confused with the Mass Pike ramp. Rte 16 ramp is a trip.

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