Doing their part in the snow

Two kids shovel out a hydrant in Roslindale

The Boston Fire Department is thanking James and Joshua, two Roslindale kids who shoveled out one of the city's roughly 13,000 hydrants today.

Meanwhile, City Councilor Matt O'Malley is once again giving out JP Licks gift certificates to any kids who tag him (or whose parents tag him) with a photo of them shoveling out a Boston hydrant.



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Much better to see kids shoveling hydrant than Walsh photo op

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It's nice to see kids shoveling the hydrant. They have no incentive other than community involvement and personal pride. Or maybe an ice cream cone. Meanwhile, all of the other local media were instead showing a carefully staged photo of Marty Walsh shoveling a hydrant. Apparently the press office didn't get the memo that only essential employees were needed today.

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Hardeee harrrrr haarrrrr! (Nonsarcasm) mondo funnies!

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Damn my efficient neighbor

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He's got the fire plug and always has it shoveled out quickly so I never get to send my kids over to do it and collect the free ice cream from Matt O'Malley.

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