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Witch hazel, a coyote and a net all spotted in the snow today

Snow-covered witch hazel in the Back Bay

Derek Lessing spotted some snow-covered witch hazel on West Newton Street in the South End today.

Peter Wilson spotted a good-sized coyote racing across St. Joseph Cemetery in West Roxbury:

Coyote in the snow in West Roxbury

And Chris Silverio spotted nothing but net on a Stoughton pond:

Hockey in the snow in Stoughton

Bottom photo copyright Chris Silverio. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.

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knocking over headstones?

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They're patrolling the cemetery ...

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Could likely be a Coywolf hybred.

American witch hazel was a nice catch by the photographer. It of course is native to New England.

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The species of witch hazel that's native to New England flowers roughly from October to December; other species flower in the late winter. It's a lovely shrub in any case.

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