It just wouldn't be a presidential campaign without at least one candidate from Massachusetts

In case you missed the news about Elizabeth Warren's announcement in Lawrence, NBC News has you covered.


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Two many L towns on the Merrimack for me to remember.

Wrong town in the article,

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Wrong town in the article, wrong race on the bar registration, what’s the difference. Those kinds of details aren’t important.


Warren: "“Race matters, and we need to say so.”

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“Race matters, and we need to say so.”-- Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) Saturday, February 9, 2019, mere hours after she admitted to lying about her own race.

This is right up there with Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA) naming his dog "Splash" despite being best known for drowning a woman, then failing to report it for ten hours. At a time when late night TV is desperate for humor, Warren could bring down the house. It would take a heart of stone not to laugh.

As for Warren entering the stage to the song Workin' 9-5, how would she know? She taught one class at Harvard Law for a paltry $300,000 and a massive no interest loan to buy her mansion. Here's hoping she does as well as Dukakis and Kerry. She's off to a good start.


She didn't fall out of the womb working for Harvard...

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As for Warren entering the stage to the song Workin' 9-5, how would she know? She taught one class at Harvard Law for a paltry $300,000 and a massive no interest loan to buy her mansion

You know, a quick perusal of her Wikipedia page would show you that she has had a number of other jobs before working at Harvard - some of which, like teaching disabled children in public schools, I'd call quite difficult. Not every rich politician was born to a rich family and got a small loan of a few million to get their career started - some people had to do it based on their own hard work, with the help of their community. Isn't that something the Republican Party claims to support?


Just in case

got a small loan of a few million to get their career started

Just in case this is a reference to Trump, it's not true. His father gave him a million dollars every year, from when he was born until the time he tried to cheat his father out of the family business, at which point Dad cut him off. He should have put the millions into index funds. Instead, he deluded himself into thinking he was a competent businessman, and managed to lose tons of money on bad deals.


I don't understand the

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I don't understand the criticism that Trump built things instead of just letting the money ride in an index fund. Building things is good.


Not the point

At least, not my point. I didn't criticize his building things. What bothers me is his unending series of lies. Lies about his allowance, about his expertise as a businessman, about his deal-making abilities, about his current wealth, about -- well, about everything he talks about. The man seems to be allergic to truth, and I wish he'd just shut up.

Winners can do that for self-promotion

What bothers me is his unending series of lies.

The bottom line is that President Donald Trump always wins.

Nitpicking the details and trying to call them lies only serves to shine the light on his flawless track record of success in whatever arena he chooses to challenge himself in.

Playing a fake indian is lying. Telling everyone you are a great businessman when you are only a very good businessman is not lying.

"Always wins"

Not on this planet. Example: In his stupid government shutdown, it was Trump who backed down. If you'd said "always lies," you'd be describing reality. It's not nitpicking details to point out that the guy's pronouncements are composed mostly of complete fabrications. As in, the opposite of the truth. As for his being a "very good businessman," you've bought another lie. Do some research, and you'll find a string of failed businesses, unpaid contractors, and outright fraudulent enterprises. He's even used the office of President to steer business to his hotels, which is a crime.

Warren seems to have exaggerated her NA heritage, but she got no advantage by doing so. She got no jobs or positions of any kind because anyone thought she was a Native American.

What's your source?

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Please do point us to your source that tells you that Elizabeth Warren never worked a day in her life. I'll wait.



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Semi-literate bootlicking conservative wannabe-cop trolls gonna troll.

Yours rolls off the tongue a little easier.

Anyway, I look forward to another 18 months of listening to the pig-ignorant dumbass musings of every mouth-breathing Howie Carr listener for 200 miles in every direction. Election season, y’all.



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You sound like someone who's had his head firmly in the sand for at least the last two and a half years, and probably much longer.


It's ironic how Republicans

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It's ironic how Republicans cry that Democrats are "punishing success" for wanting to tax people a bit more who are making tens of millions of dollars per year, but they can't handle Elizabeth Warren making $300K per year. Is making money good or bad? I'm confused.


AOC is both

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secretly loaded and also very very poor. Best not to try and unravel conservative logic, it leads nowhere.

Actually not new at all

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you could type "AOC shoes" or some similar fashion term and pull up dozens of "articles" or opinion pieces taking about how "no one with (shoes, dress, handbag, etc) like that could POSSIBLY be poor or of limited means! SOMETHING'S FISHY HERE. Its been a GOP hit piece from day one of her candidacy. You probably just don't read much news though, so, understandable.

Hiding vast riches

Probably in the basement of that pizza parlor in DC that has no basement. QAnon is kind of weak on the facts like that.

My issue with warren is her

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My issue with warren is her railing about the cost of education and yes, she taught one class for a very substantial amount. Whether or not that affects tuition, it isn't a good look for her and what makes it worse is she is clueless about optics in general. Really, her whole Native American thing went to a whole other level. She just doesn't get it..

That's a laugher

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PatriciaX, I have to tell you, given your dog-whistling history, if I were looking for lessons on "optics" I'd take your advice and do the exact opposite.

What is it with this "taught one class" thing?

Do people not realize that:

  1. The primary mission of a major research university is not teaching classes
  2. A pretty large percentage of the employees of a major research university do not teach any classes
  3. Tuition is not the primary source of revenue for a major research university

I'm tired of this trope

She taught one class at Harvard Law for a paltry $300,000

This is, of course, not your original thought. It's something you read or heard, and which you repeat because you think it makes her look bad.

All it does is reveal your own ignorance: that you have no actual idea what a major research university does, how one works, or what its faculty are hired to do. Some senior faculty teach many courses. Some teach none. Teaching classes isn't necessarily any given senior faculty member's primary job.

Implying that Elizabeth Warren's salary is undeserved because she teaches only one course, is about as logical and insightful as complaining that the head of R&D at Ford Motors doesn't deserve his salary because he doesn't weld any sheet metal.



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Shit on Mitt Romney next. Carpet bagging businessman who made his fortune shiping jobs to Mexico, gave everyone free health insurance and owns a bigger better house in Belmont.
Waiting with baited breath for your scathing review....

But to think, if it weren't

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But to think, if it weren't for Martha complaining about the cold, we might not have a Masshole in the running for prez this round.


You don't think Martha wouldn't have tried, too, just because she thought it was her turn?

She's of the wait your turn school, except it was always her turn. Republicans get into office in this state when the "my turn" Democrats can pull rank, even if they are weak candidates and known scapegoating bullies that everyone already hates.


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Mass Progressives don't resonate with the rest of the country. She's as good as we've got when it comes to consumer protections and regulating wall street to prevent another 2008 disaster. People need to get over this really juvenile native american thing and start to see her as someone who can speak truth to power. She's a fierce leader, and that's why conservatives and Republicans love to attack her on an ad hominem bases. Good luck Liz!

"fierce leader"

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"fierce leader"

OMG, thanks for the laugh. Ever contact her office? Ever ask for assistance? She is no where to be found.

What has she done for MA other than the medical device tax?

Maybe represent the citizens

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Maybe represent the citizens of Massachusetts? You know that thing called constituency services?

Why defend her? Face it, she has little presence in this state.

You defense of her is just silly.

Plenty of presence

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This is a state with nearly 7 million people. She isn't going to turn up at your door to tickle your personal fancy.

"ask for assistance"?

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What were you asking for assistance with? And is it in any way something she's responsible for?

While it is none of your

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While it is none of your business the subject I wrote warren about, it certainly is in her area of responsibility - higher ed funding! You're fine with a no show US Senator, I am not. What has she done for the people of Massachusetts? Does she even know her way around the state? I wonder if any of her staff have since told her that it's Bourne, not Burn. (LOL can't make this up)

I listened to a presser of hers last week where she was repeatedly asked if more documents will come out showing more of her fraud. Her response was hysterical! I listed the three times reporters asked her the same question of more documents, three times she went into this spiel of her brothers, her apologies, etc - never addressing the question! Painful to listen to, really.

I've seen her speak in public, not impressed. She is not a leader, just repeats worn out talking points.
I really can't think of any good qualities of hers that would want me to vote for her. She's a phony and a fraud that listed herself as a Native American with no business doing so!

Many here are OK with warren's fraud. That's on you, not me. But, I will say I'm loving her defenders twist and spin. Like warren, thinking they are the smartest in the room but look like a crazy person.

(BTW, can you imagine warren shaking that finger of hers at leaders of No. Korea, Saudi Arabia, Syria, etc...Really, I'm laughing just thinking of it. Hilarious)

I hope she stays in the scene for the duration. Gold, Jerry - Gold! We need this comic relief more than ever.


People need to get woke about her racist lies.

People need to get over this really juvenile native american thing

If it is so juvenile, then why did she engage in the behaviour?

Although I must admit, I would see more newsprint dedicated to her being out of touch with working people. In her speech this weekend she got all happy and stuff about the textile mills no longer employing as many people as they used to. That did not go over well with the crowd.

Who wants to fire up those textile plants? You know it bay-bay. MLGFO Make Lawrence Great For Once

White people problems

Teenage mom, worked menial jobs

Oh no, a teenager has a "menial job".... the tragedy.

Beloved Americans like the late Jean Sheppard invited us into their teenage world of working in cement factories.

Repulsive Americans want to take away the glory and honor of hard work and replace it with handouts and entitlements.

Better a menial job

Than a rotted out braincase.

If you want to know about what a "menial" job is, ask someone who is doing two or three how empowerful they feel and what they think of their noble work. Ah yes, so noble that they don't even merit living wage for cleaning up your shit! Of course, you were probably a privileged little shit like Trump and never had to work a lick until your bad drug habit wasted your trust fund.

Senator Warren clawed her way out of the white trash belt. No daddy's money or bone spurs for her! If you ever met and talked to her it is clearly evident that she has never forgotten what Mr. Hamberdler never ever knew.

But I suppose that's why she lives rent free in your head and why you are so terrified of her, small scared impotent child that you are.


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You are so funny today. "clawing her way out of the white trash belt". And, what are you going on about drug habits?

more, please.....


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People need to get woke about her racist lies.

Oh my god. This, from one of the worst, most shameless, most blatantly racist dog-whistlers on this site? I may never stop laughing.

In her speech this weekend she got all happy and stuff about the textile mills no longer employing as many people as they used to. That did not go over well with the crowd.

Really? Were you there? Exactly what did she say, and exactly how did it "not go over well"? Do you think that people in Lawrence don't know the "right to work" bullshit for what it is?

Native American "thing" isn't juvenile it's fake.

And by that I mean, her actions have been interpreted in an exploitative manipulative way.

Oklahoma has one of the largest American Indian populations in the country.
Oklahoma was originally called "Indian Territory" and was reserved for Native Americans. However, the 1889 Oklahoma Land Rush resulted in 50,000 people swarming the area on its opening day. Unlike other states where some tribes live on separate, remote reservations, Oklahoma is a checkerboard of land where tribal members lived in the same communities with whites and intermarried over the generations, creating families with varying fractions of Native American heritage. Her story is not unusual. Native American ancestry is not a romantic costume that you can take on and off as it suits you. I believe that understanding and respecting the harm of cultural appropriation is a lesson for all of us, but to endlessly harp on her actions is manipulative.

More attempts to erase Native Americans

That's how I see it as someone with native ancestry.

This "harping" is a brutal attempt to pretend that genocide never happened. Just like the lies that my family had to tell to census takers. Just like my mixed-race ancestors "passing". How children in my mothers family disappeared when hospitalized because they were "white enough" to adopt out. It is intended to suppress history and obscure the reality of "how the west was won". It is an assertion that nobody dare throw shade on the myth of white purity, too, by pointing out the mixed nature of nearly all Americans save for recent arrivals.

Meanwhile, perhaps The Codpiece should look up the ugly truth of the racist lies that Trump has told in the past regarding Native Americans when they wouldn't let him "help" them with their casino building. More attacks intended to erase humans from the historical record.

OMG I can hear the violins

Newsflash: no matter how much white guilt you have and no matter how much white people are despised in your social justice warrior circles, you are still white Swirly Girl !

wow, really?

This is exactly what I mean. Using Swirly's discussion of her heritage to disqualify her opinion is manipulative. There is no white race in truth. Northern Europeans are Neanderthal homosapien Hybrids.
The first modern Briton had “dark to black” skin, groundbreaking new analysis of his 10,000-year-old remains has revealed. Britain’s oldest complete skeleton, known as Cheddar Man, was unearthed more than a century ago in Gough’s Cave in Somerset.

Stop caring about politics

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You all sound like a bunch of homer fans arguing over each other's sports teams. Trump supporters could care less about his lies and crap business deals whereas Warren supporters could care less about the Native American fraud. Most people would support a serial killer for president if it meant enacting their preferred agenda so there is no use banging each other over the head with this stuff. Would you try to convince a Patriots fan to start rooting for the Jets?

Caring about politics is for losers. Look at the vote turnouts, most people don't vote and those that do care very little and think they are "doing my civic duty."