Man charged with a stabbing downtown, a few months after he was charged with a pistol whipping downtown

Boston Police report arresting Adelson Lovensky, 21, on charges he stabbed a man on Tremont Street near Park Street around 10:45 p.m. on Jan. 24.

Lovensky, who was arrested this morning on East 9 Street in South Boston, had been arrested Oct. 2 for allegedly beating a man in the head with a gun handle on Winter Street near Tremont the day before. The charges in that case are still pending; he faces a March 5 court date on them.

Lovensky, who had previously given a Dorchester address, was charged with aggravated assault and battery and armed robbery for the Jan. 24 attack. The victim survived, police say. Boston Municipal Court Judge Richard Sinnott set bail at $50,000, but revoked his bail for the October incident, which means he would stay locked up even if he made bail, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports. Sinnott also ordered him to surrender his passport.

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It's ENRAGING, but not

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It's ENRAGING, but not surprising, that this guy is out on the street. Who are these judges that are letting clearly violent people back out to roam free?? It's absolutely insane and makes me wish we elected judges, instead of them getting appointed by hack politicians.


Judges that live in Lexington

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Judges that live in Lexington, Concord, Wellesley, etc. They'll let all these guys back onto the street as long as it's not happening in their own backyard

Non-prosecutors and these

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Non-prosecutors and these greedy defense lawyers continue to plea as many cases as possible to keep the hampster wheel of fees coming into each others pockets. Way to go..keep up the non-work

No surprise

That stretch along Tremont from Park through to West is full of real sweethearts.


When so we start having 'Dangerousness hearings"

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Trial for pistol-whipping is still pending.

But a guy awaiting trial for assault, gun and knife charges seems like a good example of why we need dangerousness hearings as part of bail process.

Why isn’t there a picture of

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Why isn’t there a picture of the accused? I live near the location he was arrested and walk regularly by the location he committed the violent life-felonies (both of them). It’s vitally important for the public to know what he looks like so we can avoid him. A picture would be published if it was an OUI. Assuming the lack of a picture is due to racial concerns by BPD and the media, I object as a black man. This type of censorship will only make people afraid of me too and they’ll cross the street to avoid any black man. Please help all members of the public out and publish the perpetrator’s booking photo. We won’t sue you, it helps us too.