Changing times in a sleepy city: 24-hour Colombian takeout approved in East Boston

The Boston Licensing Board today gave the owner of La Chiva, 259 Bennington St., permission to serve up Colombian food to hungry people 24 hours a day.

La Chiva, which is take out only, already had permission to open at 5:30 a.m. and close at 3 a.m. With its amended license, it joins a tiny group of Boston locations that aren't convenience stores where people can get food all the time, including the South Street Diner on Kneeland Street and the Brighton IHOP.

The mayor's office had supported La Chiva's bid for non-stop food.



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Thank god! I had wondered

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Thank god! I had wondered where the hell I could get a shredded chicken pastel between 3 and 7am.

(but seriously get those with salsa rosada some time)


Not a whole lot

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As mentioned, the IHOP in Brighton and the South Street Diner near South Station are open 24/7.

Victoria's Diner in Newmarket Square is open until 4 a.m. on weekends.

There are at least a couple of places in Chinatown that are open to 3.

And, of course, the McDonald's on 128 and the turnpike.

Oh, and I'm sure there's a 7-Eleven or two that has those sad hot dogs that slowly, endlessly revolve on those hot metal cooking rollers. The one next to the West Roxbury police station in particular.


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the Tasty Burger in Harvard Square is open until 4 am Thu-Sat

Hen House

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Hen House across the street from Victoria’s Diner is open til 4am Thurs-Sat. Serving only chicken and waffles.

Clover Central Sq = 24 Hours

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The Clover Food Labs (vegetarian fast food) in Central Sq (old HiFi Pizza location) is open 24 hours, though I've heard that staffing issues may be impacting their early morning hours of late.

Expensive Clover...

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Expensive!... Clover can have better mechanisms for customers feedback, comment, suggestions, questions.

What do you mean by "better"?

They have any number of digital options as well as dead tree possibilities.

And expensive? How? They are consistent with most other dining options in the area. Good quality produce is expensive in New England - it used to be nearly nonexistent!

Reminds me

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Late night eatery discussion reminds me of Kay & Chip's in Davis Square. It opened at 11 PM and closed at 7AM.


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Everyone do yourselves a favor, bring a friend and go get the picada after a night of drinking. Your waist won't thank me but your stomach will.