Territorial turkey terrorizes tots

Big angry turkey in Roslindale

Students at the Haley School on American Legion Highway in Roslindale hesitate before they leave in the afternoon these days - because they know an angry turkey is probably waiting for them on the other side of the doors.

"As soon as he sees people he just turns and runs at them," parent Brittney Moon, said. "He’s relentless."

She added, "It's been a good like 2 weeks now. All day long. He was posted up outside of the front door of the school the other day and no one could leave. He was chasing everyone that he could see."

Moon somehow managed to retain her composure long enough to snap the menacing turkey as it advanced towards her, just seconds after she had photographed him in repose, still unaware of her:

A slightly calmer turkey

"He got real mad when he turned around," she said.

She added that school officials have asked Animal Control for help, but that Animal Control replied there's not much it could do because turkeys are a protected species.


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Turkeys. Public ways. Sanitation?

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a) Why are turkeys on public ways around the area? How did the recent presence of the animals on public ways come to be?

b) Who cleans turkey waste left behind?

So what you're asking is ...

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Why did the turkey cross the road? The state began a program awhile back to reintroduce turkeys, and the turkeys discovered they really liked the suburbs and leafier urban neighborhoods.

As for turkey waste, I imagine it's the same people who pick up after geese.



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equally angry janitor+ super soaker+ vinegar. Humane. Offensive. Eye for eye.


And promptly get arrested ...

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For a) Hunting within city limits and b) Discharging a firearm within 500 feet of a building in use.

Or are you not from Boston?


Protected Species

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My first thought was, "Why doesn't someone take a baseball bat to it when it runs at them?", but then I read that Animal Control says turkeys are a protected species. Anyone know to what extent that protection extends? Does it stop someone from harming a turkey even if it is apparently attacking your child?


You want us rounded up into

You want us rounded up into camps and slaughtered.

We will never surrender.
We will never submit.
We are free birds.
We will free our ancestral homelands from your occupation!



counter turkey terror

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not my idea but I thought clever...
when they get big and come after you, inflate golf umbrella at them and back 'em down, repeat if necessary.

I have a video we took of

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I have a video we took of what I am sure was this turkey yesterday morning crossing American Legion right across from Wendy's. On his defense, it did wait until the light was red to cross.

BNC Turkey

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There’s a gang of them that congregate at the leafy Boston Nature Center across Walk Hill Street. I wonder why this guy left those comfortable environs for American Legion. A loner, too. Strange.

this is so dumb

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someone brings a dog on a leash for a day and harrasses the turkey, and it'll go somewhere else