It's probably not a big surprise: Another Red Line train up and dies

Dead Red Line train

The train inaction. Photo by Jules Wang.

Yet another Red Line train has left this mortal coil, this time at North Quincy, and now there are delays of 20 minutes on the line. Jules Wang had a front-row seat for the train's expiration (no word if the T is providing grief counseling):

Red Line northbound train at North Quincy drifted past platform where first door is. Conductor had to run to the other end to adjust train. I'd say 5 minutes delay?

So, the conductor didn't time his stop right. Fine. But antiquated equipment made his U-turn 3 minutes instead of 10 seconds.

And after that, the train is out of service. RL NB from North Quincy overshot platform, driver pulled a complicated backup... and now the train won't work.

That makes at least three mind-numbing delays on the line today.



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Pick me! Pick me! Does

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Pick me! Pick me! Does anyone know when the new trains are going to start? Anyone? hello? ....hello?

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I for one

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am happy that the orange line riders will be the beta testers of these new trains...

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