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Mad bus skills on display in Forest Hills

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When I lived in San Francisco an Inspector was a detective supervisor. Are Inspectors on the MBTA police supervisors?

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This isn't LA. Or SF.

MBTA inspectors are civilian workers.

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The term dates back to when it was the "MTA." (It didn't become the MBTA until 1964).

An "inspector" is a supervisor in charge of a specific station or specific area. It is low-end management.

Regular MBTA workers wear a light blue uniform shirt. The management wears white. The "red shirt" customer service people are actually 3rd party staff hired from a private company.

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"Honey! I caught another one! And, it's big! Call the kids. We're going to have BBQ tonight!"

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They called in an Inspector, the Transit Police, and an expert bus driver

I thought that's what everyone driving an MBTA bus was supposed to be? Otherwise, why do they have all that training, a CDL, and that sweet sweet salary?

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Because they run a bus rodeo competition each year, and they do know who their best drivers are. :)


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Yeah. right. LOL

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Not a stretch. MBTA bus operators make an average of $34.99 per hour - about 50 percent more than the national average and significantly more than the top five U.S. transit agencies average. Not bad for a job you can get with HS degree only. That's why there's a waiting list for the job!

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They have to live in the Boston area ... that means they get more money because the cost of living is that much higher.


They should be paid far more than the "national average". Tell me - how much do NYC and SFO pay?

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MBTA drivers aren't rolling in cash, no, but for $75K, I'd hope that a bus driver I hired could back his/her bus out of the same cul-de-sac they drove it into.

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