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JP Indian restaurant cleared to reopen

Bukhara, 701 Centre St., passed a re-inspection today and was given the OK to open again.

A city health inspector found the restaurant had fixed all the violations that forced its closure earlier this month, save for sealing some rusted storage shelving in the basement.

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They closed for like, a day, at most. They were open all last weekend and this week.

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I mean, if they closed for a day and then cleaned up the problem areas, what's the problem?

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The problem is they've violated health inspection at least three times in a year. Hope you like their free generous extra spice. For me, I stay away. Thanks goodness, we have laws to protect us.

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The problem is that their permit to operate was revoked last week on 8/23 pending a passing re-inspection, which was yesterday, 8/30. The were not allowed to open before then, so it appears they said "screw it, we're going to open anyway". Very ballsy, but it's not like they hold the Health Department in high regard or anything.

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Out of curiosity, when were they cleared to open? I walked past there on Monday after seeing the earlier post and the place was packed with the “A” still in the window. Are they not required to take the “A” down? I’m not familiar with the process.

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The city's restaurant inspection page says their health permit was reinstated Thursday - and the individual restaurant page says the inspection was Thursday - so I went with that, but maybe they got the date wrong?

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Regardless of what the health inspector said, they were open every time I walked by last week.

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Wow they got shut down!? That food is so bland and overpriced anyway. I even read reviews on Yelp that this place was pretty nasty as well

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