MS-13 member convicted for double shooting on Blue Line at Maverick Square T stop


A Suffolk Superior Court jury today convicted Rogelio Alvarado, 23, of two counts of assault and battery by discharging a firearm and two gun charges for a 2016 attack at the Maverick T stop that sent two men to the hospital - only one of them the rival gang member he was aiming for - the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

According to the DA's office, Alvarado, an MS-13 member, got into an argument with a member of the rival 18th Street Gang on an inbound Blue Line train on the afternoon of Jan. 19, 2016. Both men got off the train at Maverick, the DA's office says:

[Assistant DA Stacey] Pichardo proved that Alvarado produced a firearm, sparking a physical altercation during which Alvarado shot the victim twice at close range. The victim was struck twice in the back. A second man, age 42, exiting the train at about the time of the conflict was struck as well, suffering a graze wound to the front of his head. Both men were transported to area hospitals and survived their injuries.

Alvarado then got in a cab and fled, eventually making his way to New York's Long Island. He was arrested in Huntington, NY last July for driving on the wrong side of the road, forcing cars out of his way. Police there contacted their counterparts in Boston after looking up his record.

Alvarado was not among the 61 MS-13 members indicted in federal court in 2016 on various charges related to the murders, drug dealing and gun running. In an affidavit related to that case, an FBI agent involved in the investigation said it is common for MS-13 members facing charges in one area to run to another, where members will provide them housing and support.

He is scheduled for sentencing on Monday, the DA's office reports.



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Um, dude?

Shut the fuck up.

Or, shall we talk about the huge crime waves that characterized the Nixon, Ford, and Reagan years? Hmm?

How about the Reagan cronies who destabilized central American countries by selling drugs and guns?

These little pricks wouldn't be here if it weren't for the Giant Flaming Pricks that your ilk endorsed and supported and pretended were some sort of heroes.

Ollie North caused this far more than immigration policies that support people fleeing from the chaos that he sowed.

Those Republicans who illegally supported the "moral equivalent of our Founding Fathers" who tortured civilians and burned clinics and traumatized generations of Central Americans are responsible for the violent society that created both refugees and violent punks.

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"Shut the fuck up"

Well, it's not the most clever riposte, but I guess it will have to do when you ain't got shit.

So, how's things going in the socialist heaven on earth that is Daniel Ortega Saavedra's (hey, forgot that, thanks for the relevant link to today's Central America's problems) current Nicaraguan government? Hell, he's been presidente there forever. Must be great, eh?
Well, let's see...
From the US government, travel alerts: (not a pretty sight)
This isn't very nice:
Place is falling apart. I guess maybe it would have been better if the Reagan backed rebels won, but you're the political genius. From that bastion of right wing lunacy, the AP, "Arbitrary arrests, abuse the new norm in Nicaragua":
And, since I love to include news from Breitbart the Beeb:


Have somebody read the Spanish to you.

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Not misdirected.

I didn't bring up the subject of Nicaragua. Someone else did.
I hope your low murder rates hold steady for 2018, but for that to happen, the government murder of four hundred or so of its citizens will have to be left out of the equation.
"The current unrest in Nicaragua was caused by the government cutting social security."

From one of the links: 'The current unrest began in April, when Ortega imposed cuts to the social security system and small protests by senior citizens were violently broken up.'
That was the fuse. Beating the shit out of the elderly protestors was the match.
"“Right now, without exaggerating, Nicaragua is a prison,” said Vilma Nunez, the human rights center’s president and a former supreme court vice-president under Ortega’s first Sandinista government in 1979. She called Ortega’s systematic search for those involved in the unrest a “human hunt.”"

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It was Burberina who started the misdirection. And Ortega has become worse. He is hurting his country.

Ortega has a long way to go before he becomes as bad as the Somozas and the Contras were, but I hope the Nicaraguan people can change course and steer back towards democratic rule.

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It's screwed.

"Ortega has a long way to go before he becomes as bad as the Somozas and the Contras were, but I hope the Nicaraguan people can change course and steer back towards democratic rule."

Torture under Ortega is systemic. If that's democratic rule, that place is screwed.

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Debt and Climate Change

In the long run, the crippling debt caused this administration coupled with their destructive environmental policies are going to harm & kill a lot more people then MS13 ever will.

My chances of being killed by MS13 about equal to winning the grand prize in the lotto.

My chances of losing my life savings due to runaway inflation caused by reckless economic policies is currently 3 to 1.

I guess if I was old, didn't have much to live for, and had an irrational fear of minorities I'd be right there with you.

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"My chances of being killed by MS13 about equal to winning the grand prize in the lotto."

Um, " A second man, age 42, exiting the train at about the time of the conflict was struck as well, suffering a graze wound to the front of his head."

Well, I hope his outlook on life, considering how close he came to stopping this little shitbird's bullet with his cerebral cortex, is a lot better than yours.

Cheer up. You could live in Nicaragua.

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Yeah, but I don't live in Nicaragua

And I'd like to keep it that way. That's why I'm doing what I can to prevent this country from turning into a banana republic where a few corrupt thugs in power ignore the law while the masses live in fear.

The local gang units are working hard and deserve our respect at bringing killers to justice. We should support them by making it easier for informants to give tips without fear of getting deported themselves.

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I agree

"We should support them by making it easier for informants to give tips without fear of getting deported themselves."

The whole 'sanctuary city' rhetoric is getting blown way out of proportion, mostly by those politicians that wish to use it as a political weapon to get votes.

To withhold information from ICE involving arrests and detainers is, however, a bit foolish and counter productive. Bad people get released. That's not good.

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about MS-13 -- Stop Toking for a second even though its legal

By on

Irrespective of your political philosophy or knowledge of:

  • foreign policy,
  • recent military history,of the Americas
  • economics
  • atmospheric physics

or lack of all of those -- there is no reason that an innocent bystander at Maverick should be shot by someone who just should not be within a thousand miles of Maverick Station

MS-13 and their ilk brings nothing of value to anyplace on the planet. Just like ISIS and al Qaeda -- they are intrinsically evil. Just as we exterminate rats and cockroaches --so should the civilized world remove this scourge from the planet.

It's bad enough that someone gets killed by a stray crowbar -- they should not fear being attacked with a machete when they are waiting for the Blue Line

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It's not about politics

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And at least locally, we should all agree that MS-13 is dangerous and be celebrating the verdict.

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Good dogged police work.

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The one thing every politician is scared to say.

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MS-13's existance could end today if Americans just stopped doing drugs. No drugs, no money for the gang...poof!

On behalf of all Americans...I apologize for our lack of self control.

BTW - anyone know which demographic in America does the most drugs?

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No, it wouldn't disappear

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Although MS-13 does sell drugs, the drugs are not its man reason for existence and while it gets most of the attention these days (and yes, is really brutal), it's a small gang compared to other gangs in the US - some of them homegrown, so, of course, not worthy of Dear Leader's attention. Read up on it.

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I agree with Fishy

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Everyone should vote Democratic and never ever vote for a Republican.

One reason is the lies that Republicans and their supporters tell about everything. Fishy and other Republicans have stated that Democrats support MS13 which is a gross disgusting lie. The Republican in the White House is the most prolific liar in history, but the Republicans still support him.

Another reason to never vote Republican is that the so called president and his entire party are dangerous traitors, committing and supporting treason in their full support of the Russian takeover of the American electoral system.

There are several more reasons to vote Democratic, but you all know what they are, except for the lying traitors, otherwise known as Republicans.

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I would sure like to meet you

How about we arrangev that - a short meeting - nothing specific- you talking with a Vietnam Vet in a private place -- we can correct some misunderstandings, you wanker.

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Good for you

By on

Now live up to it, dog-whistler.

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Destroying a society for an ideology has long term repercussions.

If you can't see that, well, you are either dim or a lying fool.

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"Destroying a society for an ideology..."

I fully agree. Ortega's idyllic country? AFU. Venezuela's upper middle class (the equivalent of your position here in the US) would like to talk to you about it, but they're too busy scrounging for food. Oh, Caracas, once a gem in South America, is the most dangerous city in the world.

"Destroying a society for an ideology has long term repercussions."

Yes, that's true, and it is painful to watch the destruction, caused by the evils of the Chavez government, of the civilized nation that used to be Venezuela.

Actually? Perhaps not quite true. Not so long term. Once the army gets good and hungry, they'll turn on Maduro like a hungry rat.

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Once more...

By on

MS-13 is from El Salvador.

Ortega is the president of Nicaragua.

Venezuela is not El Salvador, nor is it Nicaragua.

Try to keep up, please.

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You are an idiot.

"MS-13 is from El Salvador."

Actually, MS13 is from California. California is not a city in El Salvador.

"Ortega is the president of Nicaragua."

You might want to do some research on Violeta Chamorro. She beat the little socialist prick in 1990. Well, as they say...he's back...and trashing the place.

"Venezuela is not El Salvador, nor is it Nicaragua."

Hey, it was our resident off the rails leftie ranter ('shut the fuck up') that brought up Reagan and Central America, with a NY Times link from your childhood. I mention Venezuela because it's relevant to what's going on in that section of the world. Oh, where in the article does it give his country of origin anyway?

"Try to keep up, please."

Good advice. You should try it.

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You're an idiot, and a disingenuous one.

There's a movie you probably don't want to watch. The title is "Innocent Voices" and it's about why all those Salvadoreans ended up in LA.

You're still really confused about this "El Salvador is not Nicaragua" thing, aren't you?

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Send him to prison forever.

See, UH commenters? You can still get your anger out sometimes, if you wait to see whether the person is convicted.

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The Troubling T

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I feel bad for the innocent victim who was shot in the head. Nothing scarier than riding in a steel box with the doors shut and a gun fight breaks out. I was taking the train from Braintree yesterday an employee told me the police had just arrested a guy for beating a woman on a train and this was a little after 630 AM.

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