Dogged determination on Congress Street

Dog in a sidecar

George W. Carroll Jr. spotted this duo this morning on Congress Street, heading into the Seaport.



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This appears to be a Ural sidecar

It is a Russian made sidecar stolen/reverse engineered by Stalin from BMW in 1940 to prepare Russia for the coming invasion from Germany. It based on the BMW 71. The modern ones are known for their two wheel drive.

I believe I saw one of these, if not this one, in the gay pride parade last saturday.

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These are pretty cool, very

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These are pretty cool, very versatile go-everywhere machines (hey, you know that joke about Russian roads, right?), but apparently not that easy to steer:

But they also have the utterly unique tendency toward oversteer while making a left and understeer while making a right – while also tending to lift the third wheel off the ground. If you aren’t careful, you’ll lose control. If you’re an idiot, you’ll roll over.

A while back I read the blog of someone who was taking an Ural to do the windshield-and-tire-destroying Dempster Highway all the way north to Inuvik. Ballsy.

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I have met Morgan Mastiff many times, and she is just the most delightful, chill, low-key and marvelous dog. And so is her person. They do therapy dog work together, and Morgan is perfectly suited to it.

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Ever been to Rome?

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There are swarms of scooters. Given Boston's sucky traffic, I'm surprised more people don't ride small motor bikes.

This is Florence, but you get the idea.

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it's mostly because

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unlike the Italian cities you reference, there are no places to park scooters in Boston. Yeah you can take up a whole parking spot for a car and come back to your bike being kicked over, you can park it on the sidewalk and try chaining it to a sign post. If its over a certain engine size you get ticketed for that. I was in Rome last year and scooter/ motorbike parking is EVERYWHERE. Like, in large swaths all over the city.
Also, it doesn't snow there half the year. If Boston WERE to devote that kind of space to motorbike parking it would go largely unused during the winter months. Global warming needs to hurry up!

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Ever Been To Grove Hall?

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Or Uphams Corner? Scooters and small motorbikes a'plenty.

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